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Cosmic Debris is a Dutch band that offers Heavy Psychedelic Rock with forays into various genres and styles, with references to 70s Rock. Their self-titled debut album was released on March 25, 2022 and contains 8 medium to long-length tracks. The album opens with the rousing “Interstellar Solar Race” with massive guitar riffs and a solid rhythm session with killer bass-lines. The vocal is energetic and in line with the new releases of modern Psychedelia, while the guitar is at the center of the scene with engaging riffs and solitary inserts of fine workmanship. The following “Concrete Butterfly” maintains the energetic traits of the opener, with driving bass lines and solid drumming. The vocal is dynamic and at times aggressive, while the guitar offers excellent riffs and textures reminiscent of the hardest Rock of the 70s. A ride that mixes traits of Hard Rock with the more modern ones close to the Stoner, creating its own personal style. The guitar takes the stage with a good solo in the second part. The title track “Cosmic Debris” is an excellent point of union between the Rock sounds of the past with the more modern ones with references to Stoner and bands such as Monolord. The rhythm session is pulled with hypnotic bass lines and the guitar offers engaging riffs and edgy lead inserts. The vocal interprets the song well with a precious use of effects and the right amount of energy, a track that has a good sonic impact. “The Universe Is Mine” moves more slowly with more delicate textures close to the PSychedelia of the late 1960s, with the addition of the effects. The vocal is warm and expressive and the intensity increases with the passage of the song that evolves returning to the sounds that have characterized the previous tracks. Good guitar works with intense solo cues and the track is characterized by tempo changes, creating an enveloping sound that pleasantly takes us back in time. With a hypnotic bassline and heavy guitar riffs “Sleepless” opens and returns to a tighter rhythm, enriched by tempo changes. The vocal is darker, developing with successful Rock riffs, with the guitar also protagonist in the instrumental sections. The longest track on the album “Opium Dream” which exceeds 8 minutes in duration, moves slowly in the opening, with a deep bass line and an acid guitar. A track with lysergic atmospheres, or rather opiate as the title suggests, with a dynamic and enveloping vocal. The bass creates intricate textures, while the drumming is slow and pachydermic, with the guitar fitting in with a fine use of distortions. In the finale, the track accelerates releasing all the power of the band’s sound, concluding with a musical crescendo. Closer to the Desert sounds “Slow Song” as the title suggests is a slow, slow moving track with more clean and dilated sounds. It captures us and wraps us between the textures of guitar and bass and the vocal which is also cleaner, while in the final a good solo concludes the track. The album closes with “Tinto Traveler” characterized by a dark atmosphere and distorted sounds, while the rhythmic session is solid and elaborate. The guitar offers acidic and pulled lead cues, while the bass draws intricate and driving lines. In the finale a layered choral vocal is inserted, while it closes with a more experimental part with Psychedelic plots with extensive use of distortions. A good debut for this band that manages to mix the classic traits of Psychedelia with the most modern eStoner sounds, creating their own personal style. More energetic songs alternate as in the first part and other slower and more acidic ones in the end of the disc, creating a good mix of genres and styles. A listening recommended for lovers of the Heavy sounds of modern Psychedelia with forays into classic Rock and Stoner.


1. Interstellar Solar Race (05:02)
2. Concrete Butterfly (04:54)
3. Cosmic Debris (04:20)
4. The Universe Is Mine (06:47)
5. Sleepless (04:01)
6. Opium Dream (08:06)
7. Slow Song (05:37)
8. Tinto Traveller (06:48)


Loek Deen / Vocals, Guitars
Maarten Pool / Bass
Matthieu Montagne / Drums

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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