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Czyszy is a Polish one-man band that explores the retro sounds of Symphonic Prog with forays into Experimentation. The new album “UwU Slaughter” was released on January 29, 2022 and contains 3 long tracks, including an epic suite of over 26 minutes. The opening track “Cosmic Campfire Story” which is the shortest in duration, however exceeding 7 minutes, immediately plunges us into the reto sound of the disc. Intertwining between guitar and keyboards, continuous tempo changes and a vocal enriched by modulations, a sound with a marked 70s imprinting, revisited in a modern and personal key. Symphonic Prog where the artist adds his own touch, showing a good technique to all instruments and a dynamic and expressive voice. Although the drums are programmed, and I am not a lover, I find that here it does not detract from the sound, where the keyboards and the guitar dominate the scene with well developed textures. “Wavery Slide” opens with a massive organ, which develops into a track with an accelerated and complex rhythm, where the keyboards develop virtuous passages. Here too the vintage touch of the sound is noticeable, enriched by tempo changes in pure Prog style and with excellent melodies and keyboard solo parts. In the faster parts the sound is affected a little by the programmed drumming, while in the others it blends better with the other instruments. The long final suite “Roller Coaster No. 5” is a backbone track for this record, containing all the elements you are looking for in tracks like this one. Long plots and instrumental plots with the keyboards great protagonists, intense vocal parts, continuous tempo changes. Here the drumming fits well into the context of the piece, and the timing is exploited in its entirety to develop the theme of the piece, elaborate and full of ideas. A good album, which brings the retro sounds of the Symphonic Prog into a modern context, showing the artist’s good technique in playing different instruments. Good ideas, well composed and performed that make up a mainly instrumental sound and with parts sung by an intense and expressive vocal. A listening recommended for lovers of the more classic and pure sounds of Prog, with an excellent suite of over 26 minutes in the end.


01. Cosmic Campfire Story (07:06)
02. Wavery Slide (07:35)
03. Roller Coaster No. 5 (26:13)


Czyszy / MIDI Programming, Guitars, Bass, Vocals, Production, Mixing

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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