[Review] Dakesis – Fractures

Dakesis is an English Prog / Power Metal band formed in 2008 in Birmingham. They have since released 3 albums, the latest of which “Fractures” due out on March 28, 2020 and containing 9 tracks. The style of the band mixes the tight rhythms of the Power with the elaboration of the Prog and the melodic inserts of the Symphonic, with a good female vocal. The album opens with “Eos” an intro with Celtic atmospheres of just over 2 minutes with pompous melodies. “Ends of time pt. I“ is the first real song on the album, and begins with an impressive layer of orchestrations and fast rhythms. The guitar riffs are powerful and the song changes rhythm continuously passing from accelerated moments to other more symphonic ones. The vocal and the guitar solo are good in the instrumental section, a good opener that immediately plunges us into the sound of the disc. “Ends of time pt. II” is the second part of the previous song, after an initial guitar virtuosity we enter the fast rhythms to which the band has accustomed us. The structure is very elaborate, giving more space to the keyboard layers compared to the previous one and to the musical part compared to the vocal. Remarkable passages and tempo changes that show the Symphonic and Prog influences of the band. “Overthrown” begins with majestic orchestrations and then develops a piece with an intricate structure at times, where the keyboards guide the sound. The vocal is melodic and the pompous atmosphere, good the solo and the intertwining guitar/keyboards, the powerful and load-bearing bass lines. “Kairos” is another powerful piece, the double bass dominates the rhythm and the vocal is at times operatic. The melodies are darker with rocky guitar riffs and orchestrations in the background, the classic style of Power is perfectly combined with modern sounds, excellent instrumental section, a song that recalls the historical pieces of the Power of the first era, one of the best of the disk. “Surrender your fears” after the dizzying speed of the previous one this song slows down and is more intricate in the rhythmic session, without losing power. Gloomy melodies, continuous changes between accelerated and symphonic openings, a particular mention must be made for the vocal and the writing of the piece. In the central part there is an oriental detachment, to then end up by winning this excellent piece. “Hold forever” has a dark intro with drums and with the entrance of the instruments a theme is created with pleasant orchestral melodies. The vocal offers one of the best rehearsals on the disc, solid guitar riffs and keyboards that guide the sound, powerful and majestic. The choral ending and the passages of the song embellish the sound. “Legacy in memory” begins with arpeggios on the piano and a deep bass, a warm and expressive vocal enters for this slow and passionate song. The only slow track on the record, where the band shows its talent and versatility. “Fractures” is the title track and the longest track on the album, with over 15 minutes in length. After an intro of almost 2 minutes we enter the heart with tight and constantly changing rhythms and solid guitars. The keyboards create excellent layers and the vocal at times more melodic in others more powerful tackles the various situations that the song presents at best. A track in which the band expresses its best, and throughout its duration offers its sound at a high level, with the expressive freedom that grants such a long-lasting song. I recommend listening to it to savor the melodic excursions that Dakesis offers, where everyone collaborates in the excellent success of the sound. An album that offers many interesting ideas, mixing the sounds of the Power Metal tradition with the Symphonic Prog Metal with technique and quality. Both the structure of the songs and their performance are of a high standard, allowing the band to express its full potential. An album that I recommend to all lovers of good metal with orchestral inserts and forays into Prog and Power. There are all the characteristics that a listener seeks when buying an album, a good work.


01. Eos
02. Ends of time pt. I
03. Ends of time pt. II
03. Overthrown
04. Kairos
05. Surrender your fears
06. Hold forever
07. Legacy in memory
09. Fractures


Gemma Lawler / Vocals
Amie Chatterley / Bass and Vocals
Matt Jones / Guitar
Adam Harris / Drum and Vocals

Jacob Underwood / Live Piano and Keyboards

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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