[Review] DeWolff – Love, Death & In Between

If there is a young, modern band that has managed to bring retro atmospheres and sounds to the present day with a personal and original touch, it is DeWolff. The Dutch trio mixes the tradition of late 60s rock with forays into Psychedelia and Prog, while also offering outstanding live performances. The new album “Love, Death & In Between” was released on February 3, 2023 via Mascot Label Group and contains 12 tracks including an epic over 16 minutes long. After listening to some of the singles that preceded the release of the album, we now have the pleasure of being able to review this fine work. Despite their young age, these three guys already have years of experience and several albums that have been very well received by critics and audiences. In addition, their live performances are very intense, succeeding in conveying a positive energy and bringing out all their technique in both composition and performance. The band’s new album confirms and evolves the good things heard over the years, offering a tracklist that is a true exploration of all facets of their sound. Discharges of Classic Rock, Symphonic openings, Psychedelic nuances and atmospheres, and more elaborate and Progressive textures intertwine to create a very varied listening experience, rich in quality ideas. Influences from the past are dosed to perfection with the band’s personal touch, succeeding in bringing retro atmospheres to life with a fresh, modern imprint. Solid and elaborate rhythm sections, emphasising that the band does not have a bass player in the lineup, entrusting the task to the keyboards, following in the footsteps of master Ray Manzarek. The keyboards take centre stage in both melodies and solo inserts, intertwining with the guitar in beautifully crafted phrasings. The band’s compositional and excutive technique is enhanced in every track, showing how these three guys have clear ideas and have reached an excellent level of maturity. The vocals interpret the lyrics with passion and intensity, with dynamic, warm and expressive singing. Whenever I approach listening to a new release from this band, I always have very high expectations, and in this case too, they have been fully met. A recommended listen for all lovers of Rock sounds, managing to mix Psychedelia and Prog, thanks to their personal touch and their superfine technique. This band has managed to establish itself on the modern scene thanks to quality releases, and this new chapter in their discography confirms this, in my opinion a masterpiece of modern Rock.


01. Night Train (04:12)
02. Heart Stopping Kinda Show (04:07)
03. Will o’ the Wisp (03:22)
04. Jacky Go To Sleep (05:04)
05. Rosita (16:30)
06. Mr. Garbage Man (04:53)
07. Counterfeit Love (04:37)
08. Message For My Baby (05:41)
09. Gilded (Ruin Of Love) (04:11)
10. Pure Love (03:47)
11. Wontcha Wontcha (06:30)
12. Queen of Space & Time (04:57)


Pablo van de Poel / Guitar and Vocals
Luka van de Poel / Drums and Vocals
Robin Piso / Hammond and Wurlitzer

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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