[Review] DICE – The Space In Free Isolation

DICE is a German band active since 1974 that defines their sound as ‘Cosmic Prog‘ but also as inspirations Jethro Tull and Wigwam. Since the 1979 debut album to date, 28 studio albums have been released, the new “The Space In Free Isolation” was released on July 15, 2022 via Scene Records and contains 6 long-running tracks. The opening track “For Another Tomorrow” is the longest on the album with over 13 minutes running time. He immediately plunges us into the cosmic atmospheres of the band’s sound with a retro approach and a warm and expressive vocal. A dive into the sounds of the past with the background of keyboards and guitar textures that intertwine giving a symphonic and spatial imprint at the same time to the piece. The track alternates vocal and intense instrumental parts with guitar solo inserts to conclude with a cosmic sounding finale enriched by effects. Always with that touch halfway between the Symphonic and the cosmic “After the Fire” he alternates darker passages with more airy openings with good intertwining between guitar and keyboards. With more space given to the instrumental sections, continuous tempo changes and elaborate keyboard work, the tarccia flows pleasantly with the addition of percussion to the rhyming session. The guitar offers a prolonged solo cue in the second part that accompanies us up to the finale, fitting well between the Cosmic Prog sounds of the song. “The Isolation Blues” begins with an introductory keyboard part and then develops a solid vocal track that alternates engaging choral vocals. With tempo changes in pure Prog style, in the central part they show their more Cosmic side, with an instrumental section with expanded sounds with the lead guitar at the center of the scene. The singing returns and increases the intensity in the second part where vocal and instrumental parts alternate that continue the exploration of Prog and Cosmic sounds. With a touch more linked to Cosmic sounds, the first part of “Lost in a Million Souls” is characterized by intertwining between guitar and keyboards. With the entry of the vocal the band returns to the sonorities that distinguish it, to then increase the intensity with the passing of the meats. The keyboards and the guitar duet well in the second part in a long instrumental section that accompanies us until the final. “Edge of Time” is characterized by a tight rhythmic session and spatial sounds with dark atmospheres that blend with the more Prog features of the band. Unlike the previous ones, the vocal is closer to German Cosmic music, with the keyboards that make us fly with the mind in deep space. Precious guitar inserts that blend with the keyboards, while the track develops the theme between very intense and refined vocal and instrumental parts, a pleasant dip in the sounds of the past with a modern attitude. The album ends with the shorter track “Isolation Nightmare (Dreamscene 26)” which begins with a first part markedly Space and Cosmic. Entirely instrumental it develops with duets and intertwining between keyboards and solo guitar, making it possible to travel with them to explore the cosmos. The track that best expresses the cosmic side of the band, with extensive use of keyboards and effects that remind us of the German sounds of the 1970s. A band that has its own characteristic sound that blends the tradition of the cosmic with Space Rock and Prog, with long tracks where very intense and refined vocal and instrumental parts alternate. Another good album in the discography of the band, which since 1974 has always maintained a high quality level of its record releases. A listening recommended for lovers of Prog sounds with references to Space and Cosmic as in the best German tradition.


01. For Another Tomorrow (13:22)
02. After the Fire (9:45)
03. The Isolation Blues (10:11)
04. Lost in a Million Souls (11:02)
05. Edge of Time (9:13)
06. Isolation Nightmare (Dreamscene 26) (6:09)


Christian Nóvé / Vocals, Keyboards, Bass
Ramona Nóvé / Backing Vocals
Peter Viertel / Guitars
Tom Tomson / Drums

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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