[Review] Dimitri Toonen – Sounds From Emotions

Dimitri Toonen is a Dutch multi-instrumentalist who combines Progressive Rock traits with singer-songwriter music, with 2 solo albums to his credit. The new “Sounds From Emotions” was released on April 15, 2022 and contains 10 medium-long tracks, which encapsulate personal experiences. Some artists and guests participate in the album, completing the lineup, which for the most part is still performed by Dimitri. The album opens with “Prologue: Fading movement” a short intro with a background of voices and guitar arpeggios that accompanies us as we listen to the disc. With massive guitar riffs that intertwine with the keyboards “Decapitation” combines Prog Rock and Heavy traits with continuous tempo changes and a dynamic and expressive vocal. The textures are elaborate, with Dimitri’s guitar technique standing out, creating a good malgamation with the keyboards. An intense instrumental section in the second part offers a good solo insert, to then return to the vocals and close. “You Can’t Change My Mind” opens with a mix of guitar and keyboard arpeggios with dreamy atmospheres, the vocals are warm and expressive. The first part of the song is softer, while in the second it increases the intensity with a good mix of guitar and keyboards in a long instrumental section. Returning to the more Heavy sounds “Elusive Facts” is characterized by hard riffs that intertwine with the piano, a solid rhythmic session full of tempo changes. A mixture of softer and more heavy passages, intense vocals and instrumentals with a good lead guitar insert in the central part. In the end it returns to a more Heavy sound with technical and intricate passages and then closes. A delicate arpeggio opens “Uncertain Future” on which a warm and expressive vocal is inserted. An acoustic track, which in the second part intertwines valuable melodies of violin and piano with the arpeggios of the guitar. An intro with a vocal and a sound full of pathos characterize “This Morning,” which shows a different facet of the artist’s sound. The sax is inserted for a short passage, to then increase the intensity with electric guitar riffs and a refined Prog sound with elaborate textures. Rich in tempo changes and instrumental passages, with tempo changes and full of original ideas, which enhance the personal traits of the artist’s sound. “Music Will Bring Me Another Day” is another acoustic passage with guitar and keyboard arpeggios, a vocal full of pathos that best interprets the lyrics. Granitic guitar riffs and a solid rhythmic session and begins “When Nobody Likes You,” a track with continuous tempo changes and refined textures. Alternating soft and melodic passages with other powerful Prog Metal style, with instrumental textures that show a good mix between guitar and keyboards and a sound with a very personal character. “My Dark Passenger” features a softer first part, and then returns to Heavy sounds with heavy guitar riffs and a solid rhythm session. It is one of the hottest tracks on the disc, offering a refined Prog Metal with high level accelerations and virtuosity. The album closes with “Epilogue: Moving on,” with a long intro with Experimental features and effects-laden sounds. in the second part up to the finale the sounds are acoustic with a good orchestral background and intertwining arpeggios. A pleasant album, in line with modern Progressive Metal releases and with a personal imprint given by the artist, both in the lyrics and in the music. Solid drumming, supporting bass lines and good intertwining between guitar and keyboards with a vocal that dynamically interprets the intense lyrics. A listening recommended for lovers of the heavier sounds of modern Prog, with good instrumental textures and intense vocal parts, confirming what was good heard in the previous album.


01. Prologue: Fading movement (01:49)
02. Decapitation (07:14)
03. You Can’t Change My Mind (06:19)
04. Elusive Facts (06:52)
05. Uncertain Future (04:07)
06. This Morning (08:21)
07. Music Will Bring Me Another Day (04:25)
08. When Nobody Likes You (08:51)
09. My Dark Passenger 07:19
10. Epilogue: Moving on 04:33


Hugo Ribeiro / Drums
Rob Herben / Backing Vocals
Sander van Gaans / Guitars on “My Dark Passenger
Cecilia Garcia / Violin on “Uncertain Future
Lucas Argomedo / Cello on “Uncertain Future
Patricio Böttcher / Soprano Sax on “This Morning
Dimitri Toonen / Everything Else

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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