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Earthmark is an American band that offers Prog Rock / Jam sounds with marked Psychedelic and Blues influences. The new album “Megafauna” was released on April 09, 2022 and contains 9 medium length tracks. “The Breach” is an introductory track of 1:19 minutes, which immediately immerses us in the sound of the album, despite the short duration it presents a solid rhythm session and good guitar textures. Connecting to the previous “Interstice” it develops with an intense vocal and continuous tempo changes, which allow you to move from softer parts to more energetic ones. An intertwining of Blues and Heavy Rock sounds, with valuable instrumental textures with the guitar protagonist of tight and engaging solo inserts. In the central part the sound is harder, to then slow down and turn into a retro-style Blues Rock. With a modern sound and more references to Prog “The Withering Mountain” shows a softer and more intricate facet of the band. The vocals are dynamic and expressive, while the mix between the rhythm and the guitar is of a good level, showing how the band is skilled in developing the central theme of the song. The intensity increases with the passing of the minutes, leading to a second part that is enriched by tempo changes and accelerated with a good alternation of sung and instrumental parts closer to Prog. “Only Human” is characterized by a softer sound, with a predominantly sung first part and a positive atmosphere. In the central part it becomes more elaborate with a short instrumental section with the guitar as protagonist, and then the vocals return for the last verses and close. It opens with a Jam session style instrumental section “Windfall” that sees the guitar at the center of the sound with a short solo that binds well to the bass. In the central part of the piece the guitar offers a prolonged solo, while the rhythm session is the continuous evolution between tempo changes and elaborate passages. A track that enhances the band’s technique, with good and engaging ideas. A warm and pathosically charged vocal opens “West Wing” which is the longest track on the album. A long song mainly sung, which unfortunately leaves little room for instrumental developments, which only offer a guitar solo in the final part. “Space Glacier” features granite guitar riffs and a solid rhythmic session, favoring the instrumental part with good guitar solo inserts. Enriched by tempo changes and a dynamic vocal, the track shows a more Heavy Rock facet than the band. Interspersing harder parts with more elaborate ones, the second part offers an interesting instrumental part with a refined guitar solo. With a modern Blues Rock sound “Timeless Eruption” highlights the vocal skills of the singer, while the song is softer in the first part. The second prte increases in intensity with a fine guitar solo, and then returns to the vocals and closes. The album ends with “Indigo Eye” a track that alternates soft passages with the vocals in evidence to other more Heavy ones with heavy guitar riffs. Enriched by tempo changes and with a crescendo ending this track combines and summarizes the main characteristics of the band’s sound. An album that alternates more energetic and Heavy passages and other softer ones with the singing in evidence. A good technique and at times elaborate plots, in my opinion most valued in the hardest passages of the disc. The guitar takes the stage in the instrumental sections with some quality solos. Overall a pleasant listening, which I find most inciasivo in the opening tracks and in those closest to Heavy Rock / Blues.


01. The Breach (1:19)
02. Interstice (4:59)
03. The Withering Mountain (5:31)
04. Only Human (5:08)
05. Windfall (4:46)
06. West Wing (6:55)
07. Space Glacier (5:32)
08. Timeless Eruption (4:41)
09. Indigo Eye (5:55)


Brad DiPalma / Guitar
Nick A. Burns / Vocals, Guitar
Anthony Crescentini / Drums
Ryan Gamache / Bass

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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