[Review] Einseinseins – Zwei

Einseinseins is a German Krautrock band with Elctro Pop and Space Rock contaminations, with Cosmic and science fiction themes. Their new album “Zwei” was released on January 21, 2022 via Tonzonen Records and containing 6 tracks. The album tells of the Einseinseins who escaped from their planet find refuge on planet earth, and begin to search for the survivors of their species through music. The album opens with “Graf Zahl” which begins with a hypnotic modified and electronic vocal reminiscent of Kraftwerk, to develop a sound permeated by synth melodies. The rhythmic session is solid with a deep and supportive bass line, while the ever-changing melodies follow each other until the finale where the vocal returns and closes. With a darker vibe “Plastikliebe” features a solid rhythmic session and a massive dose of Cosmic-like synths. The mix between retro sounds and more modern and electronic ones is successful, tracing the first Kraut productions, re-proposed with your own personal touch. In the finale the track ends with a more electronic section, enriched by the tempo changes and the acoustic drum that joins the Electro sounds. A hypnotic bass line and Electro Pop sounds open “Regit Etarak” where 70s-style melodies and synth inserts stand out. The band is able to modulate the sounds and blend the traditional traits of the German Krautrock with their own personal touch, giving the textures original solutions and well composed and executed changes. The track increases in power thanks to the use of sound modulation, managing to blend the power of the electronic drum kick with the sounds of Kosmische and Kraut. “Gasetagenheizung” opens with a tight rhythmic session and a frenetic bass line, with the track developing with continuous tempo changes and accelerations. The vocal is enveloping and full of effects, while the guitar offers scratchy inserts and the intensity increases with the passing of the minutes. An engaging passage with hypnotic but less electronic sounds than the previous songs. Synth weaves reminiscent of the 80s sounds characterize “Nachtigall,” an Elctro Pop style track with linear drumming. in the central part the track changes and slows down, with a more dreamy synth solo section, with the rhythm session in continuous evolution. The album ends with the longest track “Nur Fuchs” which exceeds 8 minutes in duration, a successful mix of electronic and non-electronic sounds. The intensity increases with the passage of the song, which alternates darker passages with others with dreamy atmospheres and excellent melodic weaves and an enveloping keyboard background. The synth and the guitar duet for the entire duration of the track, pleasantly ending the album, the message has been launched, we hope that Einseinseins will find the other inhabitants of their planet. A listening that combines the traditional sounds of German music between Krautrock and Kosmische, with the personal touch of the band and more modern and Electro traits. Rich textures and plots of synths, the tracks are engaging and well developed managing to make us enter the universe Einseinseins. A listen recommended to all lovers of Krautrock sounds with a 70s attitude and a personal and modern touch.


01. Graf Zahl (02:24)
02. Plastikliebe (04:04)
03. Regit Etarak (04:49)
04. Gasetagenheizung (05:00)
05. Nachtigall (07:31)
06. Nur Fuchs (08:46)

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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