[Review] El Jefazo – Simbiosis

El Jefazo are a Peruvian band formed in 2014 in Lima, Peru, since then they produced 3 albums, the latest of which “Simbiosis” originally released in 2019 and reissued on vinyl in a limited edition in 2020 by Necio Records. The band’s sound is a Psychedelic Stoner with forays into Hard Rock, Doom and Experimentation, close to the sounds that the South American label has been proposing with refinement and attention for years. The album consists of 7 medium-length tracks, entirely instrumental focused on the guitar and on a solid rhythmic session. The “Serpiente” opener that features Stoner elements in the initial guitar riffs, then alternating more melodic-spatial openings with harder moments. The guitar as in all the work is at the center of the project, on a solid and powerful rhythmic session. “El Hedonista” is more powerful and dark in the riffs, different tempo changes characterize the rhythmic session and dark atmospheres permeate the song. A long guitar texture characterizes the central part, to then become even more somber in the end. “Pulsion De Muerte” always features somber riffs but a much faster rhythm session, almost solo guitar inserts and sudden tempo changes. The rhythm is at times frenetic and in others it slows down creating an atmosphere halfway between the Rock to dance and the Stoner, a good track. “El Dano Esta Hecho” follows where the intensity increases with the passage of the song, which is on darker and atmospheric tones at the start. In the second part of the piece it accelerates giving life to a more rhythmic and heavy piece, where frequent tempo changes are certainly an added value. “Uranai Baba!” it starts very fast with dizzying rhythms and a style halfway between the Stoner and the Acid, especially when it decelerates. The influences of the late ’60s are all felt above all in the very acid and lysergic guitar solo. “Poltergeist” has a structure and melodies halfway between the Stoner and the Metal, with a piecewise double pedal drum and a rhythmic session full of well structured tempo changes. The Psychedelic component comes out especially in the central part with a good electric guitar insert taken to the extreme. Closes the album “Drone Gato” begins with slow and repeated hypnotic riffs up to the central part, where with a change we enter the most acidic moment of the disc with the great guitar star. An album that apparently may seem anchored to the genres in which it is labeled but it is not so, in fact the various styles that flow into their sound are well mixed by the band, always careful to insert a personal touch. The Stoner matrix prevails, but each song has different facets and different listening cues, creating a homogeneous and pleasant album. A recommended listening to all lovers of the sounds proposed by Necio Records and the Peruvian band, a pleasant surprise for fans of modern Stoner and Psychedelic sounds.


  1. Serpiente
  2. El Hedonista
  3. Pulsión de Muerte
  4. El Daño Está Hecho
  5. Uranai Baba!
  6. Poltergeist
  7. Drone Gato


Bruno Sánchez / Guitar 
Carlos French / Bass 
Renán Monzón / Drum

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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