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Electric Feat are a Heavy Rock / Psychedelic band from Greece. On February 24, 2020 they publish their self-titled debut album for Inner Ear Records, available on Vinyl and Digital, containing 10 tracks. Their sound is a mix of 60s-70s sounds suspended between Psychedelia and Rock, with a fresh and modern touch. The album opens with “It’s all right (with you)” which starts with a guitar and bass riff and then gives life to a rhythmic and powerful song. The vocal fits very well on the music alternating aggressive voices and more melodic moments even with choruses. The guitar guides the sound with energetic and load-bearing riffs, a rhythmic song that immediately immerses us in the atmosphere of the disc. A short drum intro opens “Lizard Queen,” and then develops on a guitar riff and a powerful bass, the ’60s-style vocal reminiscent of The Doors. The tempo changes increase the quality of the track, with a good development of the theme and a solo in the central part, giving more space to the instrumental parts than singed ones with all the instruments protagonist. “Song of disobedience” is more calm and psychedelic with an almost jazzed bass ride and lysergic developments in the melody plots. The influences of the past are well mixed with modern sounds also here with tempo changes and darker openings reminiscent of Black Sabbath, even here the alternation between singing and musical parts is well distributed. “The caveman” presents riffs close to Psych-Blues with the guitar that guides the sound and the vocal effect to embellish the song. In the second part the intensity increases and the riffs darken between electric shocks and a more aggressive voice. “Leather jacket” starts with a distorted bass turn and then inserts a guitar and a clean vocal, the rhythms are calmer and then take on power with the passage of the song. More elaborate in tempo changes and melodies, it closes in crescendo. “Subatomic Plane” begins with electric discharges and a dizzying bass, the rhythms here are more accelerated and decisive, the development of the theme that takes us back to the golden years of the genre is very interesting. With a closing down the song closes. “Blackwood secrecy” is darker in the initial riff to then accelerate and insert a strong and powerful vocal. The rhythmic session alternates accelerations and slowdowns, pleasant melodies that come out of the guitar, in the end the intensity and speed increase dramatically. “Son of evil” in the first part is a darker track with Doom influences, with gloomy guitars and vocals and sometimes more harmonious openings. Considerable changes and alternation between the parts, one of the best tracks on the album. “Fogdancing” begins with another electrical discharge and then develops a mid-tempo song rhythm with a more melodic vocal. The nice guitar riff is permeated by the ’70s sounds, a calmer track but with very interesting digressions and a good tempo change to accelerate in the final part. “Bring something from the night” in the first part is a slow and very Psychedelic song that transforms into the second part with power and increases the intensity with the passage of the song, well expressing the musical concept of the group. An album that follows the sounds of the late ’60s with technique and quality, the explosive charge of the band comes off track after track. A group that has clear ideas and sets its own sound clearly in the Psychedelico vein, with slight Doom influences, following in the footsteps of the historical bands of the genre such as Doors and Jimi Hendrix Experience. A good debut that will surely be appreciated by lovers of the genre, a recommended, pleasant and smooth listening from start to finish.


01. It’s Alright (With You) 02:54
02. Lizard Queen 03:32
03. Song of Disobedience 04:38
04. The Caveman 02:45
05. Leather Jacket 04:51
06. Subatomic Plane 02:45
07. Blackwood Secrecy 03:51
08. Son of Evil 02:12
09. Fogdancing 03:42
10. Bring Something from the Night 05:05


Dionysis Nanos (Dr. Nanos) / Guitar
Themos Ragousis (Madam Manthos) / Bass
Georgios Dimakis (Prins Obi) / Vocals, Percussion
Kostas Stergiou (The Tree) / Drums, Percussion

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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