[Review] Long Earth – Once around the sun

Long Earth are a Progressive Rock band from Scotland. In 2017 they released their debut “The source” well received by critics and audiences, also showing off with live performances mainly in their country. On March 19, 2020 the new album “Once around the sun” is released, consisting of 9 medium-long songs and available on CD and Digital. The album opens with “We own tomorrow” which starts with a massive synth and guitar on a decisive rhythmic session. The vocal is expressive and is well suited to the various situations of the song, which develops the theme well between symphonic and other more electric moments. The Neo Prog atmospheres permeate the song, always winking at the sounds of the past, well composed and performed. In the end a good solo accompanies us to the closing. “My suit of armor” is a more melodic and harmonious track where the sweet voice stands out on a dreamy layer of keyboards. The piece in the final part always with refinement increases in intensity with the entry of the other instruments. “A guy from down the road” is more driven and aggressive with distorted guitars and an imposing organ. This song with heavier flavors is well performed and sung, showing the different facets of their sound. The keyboards are the protagonists of the melodies and in the second part, the theme develops with precise tempo changes, preferring chorus rather than soloism for their own sake. “What about love” is a song again softer and in the form of a song, with that hint of Prog that makes it pleasant and smooth. “The man in the mirror” begins with darker and more intricate melodies where the keyboards stand out. Always remaining on more mysterious atmospheres, a good vocal is inserted that accompanies us in this beautiful piece. “Spring” is the first of the four seasons narrated in music by Long Earth, which as expected has positive melodies. The guitar and the voice offer a good first part and then always develop with joy and more acoustic tones. The keyboards create a good carpet and in the end some electric guitar inserts and then close. “Summer” is a more Prog song with calm and rapid accelerated moments, intense tempo changes. The warm vocal is once again spot on and the constant changes are an added value of the song. “Autumn” begins with melancholy keyboard melodies, then develops a sad theme like autumn itself. The intensity does not increase much in this softer and more expressive piece that well expresses what the season is. Closes the album “Winter,” the longest track of all the work. And it’s another example of pleasant symphonies merged with Rock. Guitar and keyboards duet well creating pleasant melodies with an always warm vocal. The second part is full of changes making this song one of the best. A smooth and pleasant album, where the symphony and the group prevail over virtuosity. For all lovers of the more symphonic and soft part of the Prog, this album and this band offer good listening cues, confirming what was heard in the previous one, good listening.


1. We Own Tomorrow 08:06
2. My Suit of Armour 05:02
3. A Guy From Down the Road 12:00
4. What About Love 04:23
5. The Man in the Mirror 04:15
6. Spring 05:13
7. Summer 07:40
8. Autumn 07:37
9. Winter 12:32


Mike Baxter / Keyboards
Gordon Mackie / Bass
Ken Weir / Drums & Percussion
Renaldo McKim / Guitar
Martin Haggarty / Vocals

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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