[Review] Electric Mud – Lost Places

Electric Mud is a German Progressive Rock project that we have previously reviewed on the webzine. This new album is actually a collection of outtakes and drafts from the post-Deconstruction of Light period. Titled “Lost places” it was released on April 14, 2022 and contains 7 medium to long length instrumental tracks. The album opens with “metamorph diaries” characterized by a hypnotic intro with a repeated sound and intertwining acoustic and electric guitar arpeggios. In the middle of the song an electronic drumming is inserted, while for the entire duration the guitar offers a prolonged solo. The shorter track of the album “last file of the digital nomad” is rhythmic and engaging with the electric guitar in evidence, this time duet with the keyboards. “giant kraut chromosome” with its over 11 minutes is the longest in duration, following the Krautrock sounds of the ’70s, it develops with a first half of Experimental matrix. With a change enters a pressing drumming on which the textures of the keyboard and guitar are inserted, enriched by modulations and effects. In the finale the track closes with an Experimental outro that follows the opening sounds, a good blend of traditional and modern traits. Following the experimental sounds that concluded the previous “empress of the last days“, it has a first long section characterized by effects and sound modulations. In the second part the track ends with a mixture of Symphonic and Cinematic features with the use of orchestral sounds, ending in a musical crescendo. Returning to the more Progressive sounds of the band “lady midday,” it focuses on acoustic guitar arpeggios on which the electric solo textures are inserted. In the background the orchestrations give body to the piece which at times recalls the style of Anthony Phillips mixed at times with more Kraut data from the synth. In the finale the rhythmic session enters and the piece opens ending with the increasing intensity in a musical crescendo. “a digital phantom: the plus in 0 + 1” is decidedly more electronic and closer to the sounds of Kosmische Music of the 70s, with keyboards full of effects and a mixture of Ambient and Sprerimental sounds. The album ends with “durance – first draft” which moves on a slow rhythm and pompous keyboard melodies, combining the more Cinematic features with the Prog ones of the band. Here the keyboards are at the center of the sound, between orchestrations and melodic textures enriched by the effects. A particular listening as the tracks as mentioned at the beginning come from the recording period of the 2018 disc. We pass from Experimental tracks to other more Prog ones, passing through Krautrock to Kosmische Music. Those who know this project will be able to hear the band’s own sound imprinting, finding ideas developed in a different way than in previous works. An interesting listening, being outtakes and drafts, could be only for fans and collectors, but inside we still find interesting passages.


01. metamorph diaries (03:55)
02. last file of the digital nomad (02:56)
03. giant kraut chromosome (11:59)
04. empress of the last days (06:35)
05. lady midday (05:48)
06. a digital phantom: the plus in 0+1 (08:43)
07. durance – first draft (03:43)


Nico Walser / Lead Guitar, Synth, Arrangements, Mixing
Hagen Bretschneider / Bass
David Marlow / Piano
Judith Retzlik / Violins, Violas, Cellos
Timo Aspelmeier / Keyboards, Drum Programming, Percussion
Andrea Weiß / Programming

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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