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Electric Mud is a project of the German bassist and composer Hagen Bretschneider, born in 2011 and with 6 full-length assets to his credit. The new album “The Inner World Outside” was released on February 01, 2022 in Digital, while physical copies are out on March 4, 2022 via Timezone. The album contains 9 tracks ranging from 2 to 10 minutes for a total of over 48 minutes of music. The album opens with “exploring the great wide nothing” and features pompous keyboards with orchestral, layering sounds. In the finale the track closes with dreamy guitar and violin intertwining, a delicate and pleasant track. “the fear within” continues on the dreamy and soft atmospheres of the previous track, embellished by the keyboard melodies and the rhythmic session in the finale. The intensity increases in the finale, with orchestral sounds and a more Progressive stmapo organ insert. Elaborated and halfway between Cinematic and more Experimental sounds, it closes with an epic crescendo. The third track was previously extracted as a single, entitled “around the mind in 80 lies” begins with pompous keyboard sounds. With continuous tempo changes and intertwining between acoustic guitar and keyboards, creating a blend of Cinematic and Symphonic Prog sounds, with forays into Folk. In the finale it increases in intensity to conclude with an electric guitar solo and a solid rhythm session, where I would have preferred an acoustic drum to programming that has a bit cold sound. “those who leave the world behind” after a prolonged cinematic intro, develops Folk melodies and sounds, transforming itself into a more Rock ending. This mixture of multiple genres and styles is interesting, engaging and original. An intro with modulations of effects and atmospheric sounds opens “guardians of the weather machine” which evolves into an Experimental track. Intricate and intertwined with orchestral sounds and rhythmic drumming with more modern sounds, full of tempo change and intricate melodies. The longest track of the album “silent stranger suite” with over 10 minutes of duration is characterized by a long intro that evolves into a delicate guitar arpeggio. A long cinematic suite, with a succession of elaborate keyboard sounds, experimenting with sounds. “sérotonine” continues in the sound experimentation, with stratified keyboard sounds enriched by a precious use of effects. With avant-garde and cinematic traits, in the finale it leads to a pompous Prog with growing keys virtuosity. Piano and orchestrations intertwine and “descent into the forsaken valley” begins, a track that increases in intensity with the passing of the minutes. The second part features more Progressive sounds with a Jazzy touch and a prolonged piano solo. The album ends with “moving on” a track with delicate piano melodies and a dreamy atmosphere that leaves us with pleasant sensations. An elaborate album, which explores cinematic sounds with forays into experimentation and Prog, with keyboards as protagonists. Dreamy atmospheres and more intricate passages mix, with some sections where the more Progressive rhythmic session is present. Good sound research made by the artists involved, continuing the evolution of the band’s sound, which in this is skilled in proposing quality works.


01. exploring the great wide nothing (03:56)
02. the fear within (07:20)
03. around the mind in 80 lies (07:13)
04. those who leave the world behind (03:52)
05. guardians of the weather machine (04:04)
06. silent stranger suite (10:06)
07. sérotonine (05:14)
08. descent into the forsaken valley (05:03)
09. moving on (02:04)


Nico Walser / Lead Guitar, Synth, Arrangements, Mixing
Hagen Bretschneider / Bass
David Marlow / Piano
Judith Retzlik / Violins, Violas, Cellos
Timo Aspelmeier / Keyboards, Drum Programming, Percussion
Andrea Weiß / Programming

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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