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Machines Dream is a Progressive Rock band from Ontario, Canada and formed in 2010, releasing 3 Full-Lenght and some EP and Live albums. On December 25, 2021 “Earth EP” was released via Progressive Gears, containing 4 medium to long length tracks for over 26 minutes of music. The “Edge of the World” opener begins with a pleasant mix of keyboards and acoustic guitar, a deep bass line and a warm and expressive vocal. The intensity increases with the passage of the song and in the middle section insert a solid rhythm session and harder guitar riffs that also offer a pleasant solo. The mix between different genres is very successful and the tempo changes as well as the instrumental parts are an added value in the sound of the band. “Starling” is softer than the previous one with dreamy atmospheres and a greater Symphonic component in the sound, while the vocal is always warm and interprets the song well. As the piece develops it leaves room for instrumental inserts of exquisite workmanship with the guitars that intertwine and in the end the keyboards also offer interesting ideas. Clock hands and an atmospheric background characterize the intro of “Bloodworker.” The track develops on more melancholic melodies than the previous ones with good mixes between guitar and keyboards with the intensity that grows with the passing of the minutes. In the central instrumental section the keyboards are the protagonists with a short but intense solo, the vocal returns for the last verses and the track ends in crescendo with a guitar solo. Closes the album “The Standing Field” which is the longest track with over 11 minutes of duration, characterized by an arpeggiated guitar intro. After 1 minute with a change it immediately comes alive with powerful markedly Progressive phrasing between guitar and keyboards, continuous tempo changes and refined melodies. In constant change, this long track is the backbone of the album and adds value to an already good record, developing the theme with high-level passages, composed and performed with technique and quality. A pleasant listening that meets expectations by offering a Prog sound enriched by tempo changes and pleasant phrasing between guitar and keyboards. The vocal is warm and expressive and interprets all the phases of the album well, the rhythmic session is solid and elaborate, on the whole this record confirms the good heard in the previous works. Recommended for lovers of both modern and classic Progressive sounds, respecting the canons of the genre and offering a personal and fresh sound that shows how the band carries out a very interesting musical concept.


01. Edge of the World (05:31)
02. Starling (04:58)
03. Bloodworker (04:58)
04. The Standing Field (11:07)


Rob Coleman / Electric Guitar
Keith Conway / Electric & Acoustic Guitar
Brian Holmes / Keyboards
Phil Greco / Drums
Jacob Rendell / Vocals
Craig West / Vocals, Bass Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Keyboards

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