[Review] Fragment Soul – Axiom Of Choice

Fragment Soul is a Progressive Metal band originally from Greece, whose debut album “Axiom Of Choise” was released on May 07, 2021 via Sleaszy Rider Srl. Is a concept album that represents a journey through romance, torment, fear and, at the end of it, an unexpected tranquility that drives the main characters into despair and deliverance alike. It contains 4 long-running tracks, 3 of which are longer than 10 minutes, allowing artists to develop complex themes and showcase their personal technique. The first track “A Soul Inhabiting Two Bodies” is the longest on the album, exceeding 13 minutes in duration. The intro is atmospheric with dark keyboard melodies, to which the other instruments and a warm and expressive vocal are subsequently added. The band’s description of a sound that expresses romance and torment at the same time is spot on, well developed with good mixes between guitar and keyboards. The deep bass lines are an added value, as well as the intertwining of male and female vocals, which combined with the melodies create a dark atmosphere giving life to a personal style. The intensity varies hand in hand with the tempo changes, precise and well executed, with all the instruments that collaborate in the success of the sound, without getting lost in phrasing for their own sake. The next track “A Choice Between Two Evils” is slightly shorter, but still over 11 minutes, similar in setting in the first part, with dark guitar melodies. With the entry of the instruments the sounds become distorted and even more dark and distressing, with a very slow rhythm, a deep bass and a song full of pathos. In the central part we find an instrumental section that slightly increases the intensity, but the choice of the band is to remain on dark and atmospheric sounds, very dilated. Definitely a personal choice but which in my humble opinion limits the sound solutions of the band, always remaining anchored to dark sounds and slow plots. “Every Heart Sings a Song” closes the trio of longer tracks, remaining anchored to the sounds of the previous ones, with a beginning made of dilated ethereal sounds and a section with atmospheric backgrounds. It does not differ from the previous ones, despite continuous tempo changes, the sound is always monochord in my opinion, always offering the same stylistic solutions, valid but too similar to each other. The album ends with “Oedipus Complex” with delicate intertwining of piano and guitar and in the style of the previous tracks. The differences are the absence of the vocal, the drum and the duration of 5:27 minutes, the rest is very similar to the rest of the record. An album that is certainly well played, but where the ideas are too similar to each other, where the tempo changes and the interchanging melodies always offer the same solutions. In my humble opinion with some different development and more varied inserts this disc could have been more engaging. The technique of the artists involved is undeniable, but with the passing of the minutes the album lacks that flicker that would make it more enjoyable. Lovers of dark and melancholy sounds will certainly find it interesting, but they will remain too tied to an idea that, in my opinion, should be interspersed with other solutions. It will be interesting to understand how the sound of the band will evolve in the future, which has technique, different sound solutions would be needed to exploit it in the best way.


1. A Soul Inhabiting Two Bodies (Album Version) (13:30)
2. A Choice Between Two Evils (11:48)
3. Every Heart Sings a Song (11:17)
4. Oedipus Complex (05:27)


Nick Argyriou / Vocals
Spiros Georgiou / Bass
Dimitris Louvros / Guitar
Vangelis Kakarougkas / Keyboards
Kostas Mylonas / Drums and Percussions

Heike Langhans / Vocals
Egan O’Rourke / Vocals

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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