[Review] Sacra – Tempus Erat Non EP

Sacra is an Argentine Progressive Metal band active since 2008 and with 2 self-produced EPs, the latest “Tempus Erat Non” was released on April 25, 2021 and contains 3 tracks available in Digital. The “Mach 7” opener is an ever-changing track, full of tempo changes that showcase good personal technique in the service of sound. The rhythm session is solid and the riffs massive, with the guitar being the protagonist, also offering valuable solo inserts. A good introductory piece, with an impact that immediately plunges us into the atmosphere of the disc, showing the best side of the band. The following “Hoia Forest” is another powerful track, tighter than the previous one, with dark melodies and harsh guitar riffs and an elaborate rhythm session. An added value are the tempo changes, which at times offer frenetic acceleration, but always well balanced in the context of the track. The intensity increases with the passing of the minutes, offering also a good solo section in the final part. Closes the album “Agonía” which is also the longest track, with over 7 minutes of music. After a short introductory part, with a change a rhythmic session enters at times pulled into others more elaborate, with the tempo changes always well managed, a real added value. The ideas expressed are good and well developed and the playing time allows the band to express all its technical potential. The guitar, as always, is a great protagonist and guides us on this journey where he also exhibits high-level virtuoso solo parts. A good instrumental EP that offers a fresh and modern Prog Metal focused on the guitar, with the performers offering riffs and good solo parts. A listen recommended to all lovers of Prog-like Heavy sounds, guitar in the foreground and solid rhythm session, a good job. It will be interesting to listen to this band in full-length as well as live, the technique is there and there are good ideas.


1. Mach 7 (04:38)
2. Hoia Forest (04:48)
3. Agonía (07:15)


Gonzalo / Guitars
Elías / Guitars
Samuel / Bass
Gerardo / Drum

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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