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Galaverna is a band from Verona, Italy that offers a mix of Folk and Prog, with two albums to their credit. The new “Wagdans” was released on May 27, 2022 via AMS Records and contains 6 medium-long tracks. Acoustic guitar and a sweet violin open “Under The Seas” creating a dreamy atmosphere on which a warm and expressive choral vocal is inserted. Valuable flute inserts and the sound combines traditional features with modern ones with a Prog touch, creating an intense track, with the violin at the center of the scene in the melodies. In the central part they develop an instrumental section with intertwining between piano, guitar and violin that offers an interesting solo, while the rhythmic session is enhanced by tempo changes. The title track “Wagdans” is a track of over 7 minutes, characterized by an intro with acoustic guitar arpeggios, with the intensity that increases with the passage of the song. It evolves into a rhythmic track, with violin inserts, creating a sound reminiscent of the Folk-Rock and Prog releases at the turn of the 60s and 70s. An intense musical crescendo with refined sounds, which returns in the final part to the initial theme and closes. Another very intense passage of the disc is “Ganymede” which offers a musical crescendo, starting with softer and more dreamy sounds. The vocal is full of pathos, the rhythmic session and the sound offer a crescendo with a good mix between guitar and violin with an energetic and engaging rhythmic session. An intro with traditional guitar arpeggios opens “The Loss Of The Sun,” which with a change turn into a Folk Rock track with fine flute and violin inserts. The singing is deep, and passionately interprets the lyrics and in the central and final part of the piece leaves room for two instrumental sections with the violin in evidence. More melancholic atmospheres characterize “The Darkest Reign” where the traditional sounds are more present, offering a song that takes us back in time. Here, too, the intensity increases with the passing of the minutes, concluding with an intense instrumental section with an excellent violin solo. The album ends with “Metempsychosis” a softer sounding track, with a minimal rhythm session and rich guitar and violin textures. With its dilated and very intense sounds, it pleasantly concludes this listening.


01. Under The Seas (05:44)
02. Wagdans (07:44)
03. Ganymede (05:31)
04. The Loss Of The Sun (06:28)
05. The Darkest Reign (06:40)
06. Metempsychosis (07:50)


Valerio “Willy” Goattin / Vocals, Guitars, Harmonium, Percussion, Banjo
Stefano Gazza Masotto / Bass, Backing Vocals
Davide Corlevich / Guitars, Backing Vocals
Lorenzo Boninsegna / Viola
Simone Rodrigez / Violin, Backing Vocals
Simone Marchioretti / Drums, Percussion
Chiara Paganini / Flute

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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