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Philosophobia is a supergroup with a Progressive Metal sound, which has been formed over the last few years, involving top-level artists from the world scene. After completing the lineup and the record company of their dreams, as described in the album’s press-kit, they released their debut. Entitled “Philosophobia” as the name of the band, it was released on June 24, 2022 via Sensory Records and distributed by Laser’s Edge, it contains 8 long and elaborate tracks. The longest running track “Thorn In Your Pride” opens the album, with an orchestral background and a dynamic and pathos-laden vocal, offering an intro of about 1 minute. With the entry of massive guitar riffs and a solid and energetic rhythm session the track evolves, with fine keyboard inserts that duet with the guitar. The sound of the band is granite and enriched by the tempo changes, showing how both the style and the compositions are refined and performed with refinement and technique. After an initial instrumental part, the singing, warm and expressive, enters the central section and the sound alternates between Prog Rock passages and more Metal openings. An excellent song that immediately immerses us in the sound of the disc, managing to mix the tradition of Prog with more modern features and tempo changes of absolute value. The following “I Am” is another long song of over 8 minutes, starting with heavy guitar riffs and a powerful rhythm session with a hard sound alternating with more symphonic openings. The tempo changes with purely Heavy Metal accelerations characterize the song, which in the softer parts offers a warm and expressive singing with engaging choral refrains. Excellent the malgamation between guitar and keyboards, as well as in the rhythm between drum and bass with supporting lines that give body to the song. From the more traditional imprint of Prog Metal, it presents a correct alternation of intense vocal parts and technical instrumental sections with refined sounds. “Time To Breathe” starts with guitar arpeggios and layered vocals, and then develops with continuous tempo changes that bring the sound to more Prog Metal teritories. A blend of more traditional traits, with fine lead guitar inserts and solid drumming with load-bearing bass lines. Intense and more linear, it shows a more Metal without frills facets of the band’s sound, skilled in bringing the classic sounds of the genre to our days with their own personal touch. The shortest of the album “Between The Pines” is also the softest, characterized by a deep and expressive vocal on delicate piano notes. A track that softens the tones in the midst of heavy and drawn passages of Metal, with an interesting lead guitar solo in the second part and a more melancholic atmosphere, is a song full of pathos. An intertwining of soft notes on the piano opens “As Light Ceased To Exist” which, after an initial introductory part, returns to the harder sounds. Granitic guitar riffs, a solid and elaborate rhythm session, with an energetic vocal, are the ingredients that make up this energetic and engaging track. With the usual changes of tempo, between accelerated and massive interweaving of heavy guitars and keyboards, virtuous instrumental inserts that enhance the technique of the artists involved. “Thirteen Years Of Silence” is a tight track, with a good mix between guitar and keyboards, creating a powerful and engaging sound. Enriched by tempo changes and markedly Prog traits that blend with Metal, more space is given to keyboards that duet in the second part with the guitar in virtuous solos. Entirely instrumental, it allows the band to develop more intricate plots and at the same time with a powerful and more Heavy sound, a concentrate of technique and energy of a high level. Continuing on the more pulled Prog Metal sounds, “Voices Unheard” takes up the musical discourse of the previous one, adding an aggressive vocal at times. Alternating softer and more engaging choral parts and dirtier singing verses, with heavy riffs and continuous tempo changes, it is another concentration of technique and power. In the central part they develop a more delicate instrumental section with the piano in evidence, and then close in a musical crescendo with a solo guitar insert and the rhythm of the vocal. The album ends with “Within My Open Eyes” characterized by a long intro with piano and orchestrations on which an intense vocal is inserted. With the entry of the instruments it develops while maintaining softer strokes, time changes and a less heavy imprinting than the previous ones. Excellent guitar and keyboard textures, the vocal is warm and expressive and the song full of pathos, pleasantly concluding this good listening. A high-level album, and a band made up of musicians of absolute value and exceptional technique, skilled in creating long-lasting elaborate tracks with a refined sound. A blend of Progressive and Metal, full of tempo changes, very intense vocal parts and technical passages that enhance all the qualities of the artists involved. A listening recommended for progressive Metal lovers, an album that manages to bring the classic sounds of the genre to the present day with a personal and original touch.


01. Thorn In Your Pride (09:26)
02. I Am (08:38)
03. Time To Breathe (05:13)
04. Between The Pines (04:06)
05. As Light Ceased To Exist (07:55)
06. Thirteen Years Of Silence (04:57)
07. Voices Unheard (06:23)
08. Within My Open Eyes (06:27)


Kristoffer Gildenlöw / Bass
Alex Landenburg / Drums
Domenik Papaemmanouil / Vocals
Andreas Ballnus / Guitars
Tobias Weißgerber / Keys

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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