[Review] Gölgoth – Crimson Skies

Gölgoth is a Progressive Rock project created by José Vicente Aldeguer with 70s reminiscences. “Crismon Skies” was released on Febuary 07, 2022 and contains 4 long tracks ranging from 8 to over 10 minutes in length. The album opens with “Overture – Messiah (The Silence Of God)” which begins with a soft arpeggio and flute intertwining, creating a dreamy atmosphere. After an initial introductory part, the album develops with a solid sound characterized by good mixes of guitar and keyboards with the rhythmic session enriched by tempo changes. The flute guides the melodies and the sound combines harder strokes with other more symphonic ones, on which a warm and expressive vocal is inserted. A track that immediately plunges us into the pleasant atmospheres with marked 70s influences typical of the most classic Prog. The longest track on the album “Momentary Lapse of Life” features another long intro that combines keyboards, guitar arpeggios and the flute, creating a delicate and symphonic sound. The intensity increases with the passing of the minutes, with the sound becoming more elaborate with fine interweaving between guitar and keyboard on which the delicate melodies of the flute are inserted. The rhythmic session is solid and articulated with continuous tempo changes and intricate passages, a track that highlights the artist’s tactics on all instruments, skilled in creating solo parts of fine workmanship. “Imperfect Circles” is a heavier track, with a good mix between electric guitar and keyboards and continuous tempo changes that allow you to switch from harder parts to symphonic openings. The vocal is back, offering a dynamic test adapting itself well to the various situations of the piece, creating the right alternation of sung parts and intense instrumental sections with refined and engaging sounds. The album closes with the track that is a reference to the title “Crimson Sky” which exceeds 10 minutes in duration, which opens with a pompous organ melody. Combining heavier strokes with other more Symphonic ones, in pure ’70s Prog style, it develops with a solid rhythmic session with a supporting bass line. The intertwining of the keyboards and the electric guitar is valuable, offering a prolonged solo in the first part, and then leaving room for the vocal. Between continuous tempo changes and the alternation of softer passages with expanded sounds with other more Heavy progs, the track is well composed and executed and once again enhances the artist’s technique. A good album, which has 70s reminiscences that blend with the artist’s personal style, managing to bring the retro atmosphere back to the present day. Good mixes between feel and guitar, with the flute that in the first tracks is highlighted and guides the melodies. The rhythmic session is solid with elaborate drumming and leading bass lines, while the vocal is dynamic and expressive. A listening recommended for lovers of the classic sounds of Prog Rock with frequent tempo changes and long-lasting tracks in continuous evolution between instrumental sections and solos that enhance the artist’s technique.


01. Overture – Messiah (The Silence Of God) (7:55)
02. Momentary Lapse of Life (10:34)
03. Imperfect Circles (8:13)
04. Crimson Sky (10:18)

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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