[Review] Grande Fox – Empty Nest

Grande Fox is a band from Thessaloniki, Greece formed in 2013 which offers a modern genre of Psychedelia with influences from different styles including Stoner and Space Rock. Their second full-length “Empty Nest” was released on February 19, 2021 and contains 11 tracks that deal with actuality themes in the lyrics. The album starts off strong, massive guitar riffs, a solid rhythm session and a powerful and expressive vocal with personal traits. The Nu Metal sounds in my humble opinion lead the sound out of the way, diverging too much from Psychedelia, becoming itself a nuance and not the main character. The vocal has a varied timbre, but also far from the Rock singing that is expected, coming much closer to modern Heavy sounds. I am very much in favor of experimenting and customizing the sound, but here we are in a genre that has little to do with the one described. Listening would be more appreciated if placed in its right context, the individual technique is indisputable, but Psychedelia is far away. The tracks are mainly sung, leaving little space for the instrumental sections which are an essential feature of the Psychedelic sound, historically characterized by long instrumental parts, absent here. It is not meant to be just a negative criticism, but the album is to be inserted more in Nu Metal than in the genres mentioned in the description. It will be me who did not understand the album well, yet after repeated listening I find less and less Psych cues and more modern Metal sounds. Overall for the lovers of such sounds the album is valid, the musicians prepared and a good singer with a wide vocal range. Lovers of the traditional sounds of Psychedelia will not find the classic sound here, but a personal and modern interpretation closer to Nu Metal than to Rock.


1. Backstab 03:14
2. Rottenness Of Youth 02:36
3. Hangman 03:27
4. Golden Ratio 03:14
5. Deathblow 04:02
6. Overdose 04:38
7. Brainstorm 03:33
8. Brutal Colors 05:22
9. Route 99 03:35
10. Manganite 02:52
11. Birth Of An Embryo 04:08

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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