[Review] Esthesis – The Awakening

Esthesis is an artist that we have already got to know through the previous EP work entitled “Raising Hands,” positively reviewed on our pages. Esthesis is a project by the French multi-instrumentalist Aurélien Goude, created in 2013, proposing a Prog sound that mixes different influences. ’70s British Rock, film score, ambient, Metal and Pop mix together giving life to the sound of Esthesis. The album we review in this article “The Awakening” was released on November 14, 2020 and was self-produced. It contains 7 songs almost all of long duration, allowing the artist to develop in depth the themes of the tracks. The album opens with the longest track “Downstream” of over 16 minutes, which starts with an atmospheric intro, then develops layers of dreamy keyboards. The guitar offers good inserts and the vocal is warm and expressive, while the song flows symphonic and pleasant, with the keyboards protagonists in the melodies. In the central part with a change the atmospheres become darker, and then increase in intensity in the second part. The track closes with a crescendo, which shows the hardest part of their sound. “No Soul To Sell” begins with dark keyboard melodies, a modern rhythm and an effected vocal, to which is added a scratchy guitar. The sound background given by the keyboards is also interesting, and the continuous changes give value to the song, which convincingly mixes the most modern sounds and the Heavy ones, giving life to something original and personal. “High Tide” has a more dilated beginning with a keyboard background that supports a dense vocal with very soft overtones. The intensity increases with the passing of the minutes and with the entry of the electric guitar and developing an instrumental section in continuous change. After a pleasant solo in the finale, the track closes. An acoustic guitar and a deep bass open “Chameleon,” a soft and delicate piece that develops more in the form of a ‘song’ in the first part. The track theme is developed with an instrumental section led by a keyboard solo and frequent tempo changes. “The Awakening” is the title track of the album, which opens with atmospheric noises and layers of ethereal and dreamy keyboards, which accompany us up to the middle. The other instruments then enter for a short instrumental, and then return to the dreamy notes at the beginning of the piece, which lead us to the end. Closes the album “Still Far To Go” characterized by melancholic keyboard notes and deep bass lines and an intense and soft vocal. Pleasant sound intertwining between guitar and orchestral keyboards, as well as the solo sections of the second part. A pleasant album, well composed and performed, where, unlike the previous work also reviewed by us, softer and more symphonic sounds are privileged. Less Metal and more Prog Rock, and the choice seems to be a winning one, giving life to a smooth work with good ideas and a good playing technique inside. The vocal parts adapt well to the various situations that the album presents, resulting in an added value in the sound complex. Also good this more Symphonic version of the band, and an album recommended to all lovers of Prog sounds, with some more Heavy veins, another good chapter for Esthesis, congratulations.


01.Downstream 16:31
02.No Soul To Sell 08:33
03.High Tide 10:35
04.Chameleon 08:06
05.The Awakening 06:26
06.Still Far To Go 09:28
07.Still Far To Go (Trip Hop Version) 05:06


Mathilde ColletBacking vocals (6)
Florian RodriguesDrums
Marc AnguillBass
Baptiste DesmaresLead Guitar
Aurélien GoudeVocals, Keyboards, Lap-Steel Guitar, Bass

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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