[Review] Izakman – Cyber Love

Izakman is a project that has attracted worldwide attention thanks to its participation in various festivals and various awards, including the London Music Video Festival. Thanks to the clip of the title track “Cyber ​​Love” sung in English but reproduced in Braile, Morse Code and British Sign Language. The album was released on January 27, 2022 and contains 12 tracks that immerse us in the musical world created by the artist, between 60s Brit-Pop sounds and fantastic lyrics. The inspiration of artists such as Carroll or the Grimm brothers can be felt in the tracks, while the music is Psychedelic / Pop of the late 60s. A blend of Beatles and Psychedelia combined with the personal traits of the artist who manages to bring those atmospheres back into a modern musical context. We move from rhythmic tracks in pure Flower Power style to others more dilated and influenced by Psychedelia, with organ inserts that at times touch the early Proto-Prog. The tracks are permeated by fantastic atmospheres to be followed carefully, while the music is always very refined and elaborate. Several artists participate in the album as guests, thus completing the lineup and making their contribution in the realization phase. The references to the music of the past and artists such as David Bowie in the title track or the Beatles in the first races are palpable, but the artist is skilled in giving his own personal touch, also thanks to a warm and expressive vocal. A very intense listening from start to finish, which manages to take us on a journey into Izakman’s music. An ambitious project, especially in the making of videos, managing to create an original project with the use of different expressive languages ​​that have allowed him to receive well-deserved awards. A listening recommended for lovers of the retro sounds of Rock music, which mixes the most sought-after sounds of Beat and Psychedelia music with Izakman‘s personal traits. A pleasant journey in the 60s music, with fantastic and current themes with positive atmospheres that alternate with other melancholic ones. An album that showcases the excellent composing and writing technique of the artist’s lyrics, as well as proposing 12 engaging and intense tracks.


01. Real Boy 03:12
02. Waiting For Zoe 03:19
03. Desert Dream 00:25
04. Sleeping The Day Away 03:07
05. Cyber Love 03:10
06. Eye Level People 05:00
07. Sea Side 00:23
08. Cinderella Man 03:05
09. Wind Up Doll 02:33
10. Other Side 03:33
11. Down The Rabbit Hole 03:15
12. Angelbird 04:19


Itamar Isaak / Lead Vocals, Guitars (6,9,12), Keyboards (5)
Liad Broyd / Guitars, Backing Vocals ( 1-4,6, 12)
Yuval Eisenberg – Keyboards, backing vocals ( 1-4,6)
Yoni Deutch / Bass (1-6, 8,10-12)
Guy Strier / Guitars (8,10-12)
Nir Mardan / Drums
Roy Nizzani / Bass (9)
Avi Benjamin / keyboards (9)

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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