[Review] Stone House On Fire – Time Is A Razor

Stone House On Fire is a Brazilian band that offers late 60s and early 70s sounds with a modern and personal touch. The third and new album “Time Is A Razor” was released on January 28, 2022 via Electric Valley Records and contains 6 medium to long length tracks. The opener “Bitter Times” begins with a tight rhythm, driving bass lines and fuzz guitars guiding the sound, while the retro style vocal is dynamic and expressive. The reference to the more energetic sounds of the late 60s is evident, revived with a modern and personal touch. The following “Despite” is permeated by raw-Blues sounds, with a slower rhythmic session than the previous one, but with a fine sonic malgamation. The vocal is an added value, interpreting the piece intensely, while the guitar guides the melodies and the bass offers propound and supporting lines. The final instrumental section is good and the track increases in intensity with the passing of the minutes, involving and elaborate. A rhythmic intro with the addition of percussion opens “Waterfall” which develops as a long trip with Carioca flavors and Fuzzy inserts of distorted guitars. Expanded sounds that combine the Psychedelic tradition with tribal rhythms, an original track that in the second part develops on more lysergic and modern sounds. Good intertwining between voice and lead guitar in the second part, making the sound enveloping and acid. “Uzumaki” returns to an accelerated rhythm and weaving of Hendrixian distorted guitars, with a hard and engaging sound. The bass lines are load-bearing and the vocal is dynamic and expressive, while the continuous tempo changes are an added value for the piece, an excellent blend of traditional and modern Psychedelic sounds. The retro sounds return in “White Canvas” from the elaborate and granite rhythm session, with valuable and engaging guitar riffs. The bass lines are penetrating and the piece alternates more accelerated passages with other slower and more lysergic ones that capture the listener and take him to distant worlds. The slower central part is a trip to be followed carefully, then accelerate and return to the initial theme and close with power, to underline the excellent vocal test. The album closes with the longest running track “The Weight” a track that mixes various genres and styles, from ’70s hard blues to modern Doom sounds. The guitar is sharp and the rhythmic session in continuous evolution, between accelerations and slowdowns that enhance the technique of the artists involved. With a dark touch and a warm and expressive vocal, this track is the quintessence of modern Psychedelia, managing to combine the classic traits of the genre with the modern ones and the personal style of the band, a true masterpiece of its kind. A band that confirms the good things heard in previous releases, proposing 6 very intense and full of ideas tracks, managing to bring to the present day the atmosphere of Psychedelic music of the past. A very intense album, with energetic and hard passages that alternate with others with dilated and acidic sounds. A listening recommended to all lovers of Psychedelic music, with influences of the late 60s that blend with the valuable personal traits of the band, one of the best on the modern scene.


01. Bitter Times (03:27)
02. Despite (04:40)
03. Waterfall (07:15)
04. Uzumaki (03:53)
05. White Canvas (06:14)
06. The Weight (07:53)


Kleber Mariano / Vocals, Guitar
Marcus Oliveira / Guitar
Leonardo Moore / Bass
Andre Leal / Drums

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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