[Review] Jack Ellister – Lichtpyramide II

We had the pleasure of receiving a few days ago the promo of Jack Ellister‘s latest album “Lichtpyramide II” released on November 19, 2021 via Tonzonen Records. This album continues the musical discourse undertaken with his previous “Lichtpyramide” by mixing Kosmische Music, Krautrock with a futuristic vision. A journey of 13 songs in which we find ourselves catapulted into remote space passing through keyboards, the central component of the project, effects, pedal and very elaborate guitars. Psychedelic sounds are mixed with Acidic Folk in “Genesis: Otwarcie” and in the final “Genese: Stadt Land Fluss.” Sula Bassana collaborates in two tracks “Noorderlicht” and in “Rotierende Reisenbaum” real journeys in time and space. With the longest of the album “Polonium” the journey leads us to the origins of the genre, reminding us of the sounds of the mid-70s. In “Fragestellung” the sounds are darker, combining sounds of the late 60s and a speech that gives a dark touch to the track. In “Radio Message From Kepler-186F” the sound effects of a radio and the synth catapult us light years away into deep space, the sounds of Kosmische Music permeate the song. “Planetoid Exploration Rover” and “Genesang: Der Mensch” are the two shorter sections of the disc, two passages that bind the songs and lead us on this journey. “Kuiper Belt Excursion” is another journey, this time into the sounds of the past, recalling the 80s in its cinematic version. “Rotierende Reisenbahn” is a pleasant keyboard ride that develops with a musical crescendo, while in “Photosynthese” hypnotic melodies and ethereal synth sounds are mixed. “Memory Scan” combines the sounds of jack keyboards and a guitar joined by the use of effects and a vocal in the first part that gives a mysterious touch. An album that confirms the quality of the sound research made by Jack Ellister, advancing in his musical journey in which he proposes a mixture of multiple genres linked by sound modulation, offering a journey through time and space. Acid lines and Kraut sounds come together offering an interesting listening for all lovers of German-inspired sounds related to Kosmische Music.


1. Geneser: Sahne 04:02
2. Radio Message From Kepler-186F 03:22
3. Noorderlicht 03:41
4. Polonium 07:12
5. Rotierende Reisenbahn 03:17
6. Genesis: Otwarcie 03:39
7. Photosynthese 02:46
8. Fragestellung 02:42
9. Kuiper Belt Excursion 04:02
10. Planetoid Exploration Rover 01:06
11. Memory Scan 03:00
12. Genesang: Der Mensch 01:45
13. Genese: Stadt Land Fluss 04:31


All music and lyrics by Jack Ellister, except
Genesang: Der Mensch – lyrics by Friedrich Hoelderlin
Noorderlicht and Rotierende Reisenbahn – additional Synthesizers by Sula Bassana

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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