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The Italian Prog band Syndone has a long history, they were born in Turin in 1989 and have since released 8 albums with highly sought-after themes. The latest full-length titled “Kāma Sūtra” released on August 25, 2021 via Manticore Records and Ma.Ra.Cash records contains 11 tracks that continue the band’s musical journey. The album opens with “It’s Only Make Believin” which blends oriental sitar sounds and a solid Prog with keyboards in evidence. The sung in English highlights Riccardo Ruggeri‘s excellent vocal, while the tempo changes and the keyboards are exceptional. An intricate song in pure Prog style that reminds us the 70s sounds, taking us back to the golden age of the genre. The intensity remains high with “Nirvana” which alternates the warm vocal of the soloist with choral inserts, while the keyboards are the extra quid of the sound. The plots designed by this band are of a high standard mixing Rock, Prog and classical music with granite sounds and a use of Hammond reminiscent of Heavy Prog bands. “Carousel” is an ELP-style instrumental track, a high-level sound mix that enhances the individual technique of the musicians, supported by an orchestral background. 2:32 very intense minutes, tight rhythms and constantly evolving textures, a masterpiece. “Into the Kama” begins with dreamy piano melodies and a very intense and expressive vocal which once again enhances Riccardo’s vocal skills. Add the winds and the female voice that duets with the male one, the atmospheres are soft and delicate and the track is emotional and full of pathos. Very harmonious and airy symphonies in a musical crescendo that at the end gives us an intricate and powerful instrumental section with classical music and oriental features that blend with Rock. The journey continues with “Bitches” which begins with an oriental-style vocal to which strings are added and around 1 minute of music another masterpiece starts. The tempo changes and the melodies created by this band are of a very high level, I can only congratulate a band that is able to give life to such tracks. I advise you to listen with your ears, you will also be amazed by the quality expressed. Heavy keyboards and riffs, Rock rhythms and Funky bass lines, orchestrations, since we’re on the Kama Sutra theme, an orgasm for the ears. Vibraphone melodies and a warm and expressive vocal open “You Still Shine” initially very symphonic with a masterful interpretation. The intensity increases with the passage of the song that develops between soft and touching moments and other more driven ones, Riccardo’s performance is perfect and the music accompanies it, a track like this is worth the price of the record. “Sex Toys R Us” returns to a more Heavy Prog style with supporting orchestrations, I’m running out of positive adjectives to describe the emotions one feels listening to this work. The textures are again intricate and ELP style, with a personal touch and when the horns come in I jumped out of my chair. Really compliments for the arrangements and the execution a sonic blaze of the highest level, all perfect. “2 Thousand 10” is the shortest track, an instrument with a percussive rhythm and oriental hypnotic atmosphere that takes us with the mind to distant lands. We are at the longest track of the album “Sacred & Profane” where the sounds of the band initially blend with Jazz, these artists have many ideas and always express them at their best. Smoother moments alternate with other accelerated ones and the intensity increases with the passage of the song. The string session is an added value in the central section, while in the second part they give us an excellent keyboard solo with the organ in great evidence. “We Are the World We Created” begins with a dreamy melody of very delicate strings that intertwines with the piano, pompous and very intense. The vocal enters and as in the whole album he interprets the song with a pathos and a precision difficult to find in a Rock record, where even the theme is current and with a strong impact. The music is very sweet and then in the end it offers a tight instrumental section that evolves the theme of the song and brings it into the territory of the hardest Prog. The album ends with the sweet “Peace on Earth” with piano and voice, a message of peace for everyone and unfortunately the album ends. Records like this one we don’t want to ever end. A very intense record, where the composition and execution of the tracks reaches very high levels. All the artists involved collaborate with technique and quality to the success of the sound, the vocal adapts well to all the passages with interpretations that are not often heard. To express the level reached with a comparison: listening to this album is like attending a physics lesson given by Albert Einstein. A listening recommended for all music lovers and Prog in particular, with references to ELP, oriental music, Jazz and hard Rock. The keyboards are another added value, offering a solid and sometimes virtuous proof in the solos, but on this record everything is in the right place. I personally want to congratulate this band for the absolute masterpiece they have proposed, works like this are good for the music and for the listener.


01. It’s Only Make Believin’ (3:27)
02. Nirvana (2:52)
03. Carousel (2:32)
04. Into the Kama (5:51)
05. Bitches (4:36)
06. You Still Shine (4:17)
07. Sex Toys R Us (3:41)
08. 2 Thousand 10 (1:59)
09. Sacred & Profane (7:14)
10. We Are the World We Created (5:22)
11. Peace on Earth (2:10)


Nick Comoglio / Hammond, Moog, Juno dist., Mellotron
Riccardo Ruggeri / Vocals
Marta Caldara / Vibraphone, Timpani
Gigi Rivetti / Piano, Wurlitzer, Rhodes, Hammond, Clavinet
Simone Rubinato / Bass, Fretless, Taurus Bass
Eddy Franco / Drums & Percussion

Riccardo Diggiani
/ Sitar
Annie Barbazza / Vocals
Gianluca Cagnani / Pipe Organ
David Jackson / Saxophone
Vincent Boniface / Crystal Flute
Claudio Adamo / Baritone Electric Guitar
Andrea Manco / Flute
Luigi Finetto / Oboe
Luigi Picatto / Clarinet

Budapest Scoring Symphonic Orchestra, conducted by Francesco Zago

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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