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Jargon is a Greek Progressive/Art Rock artist, whose particularity is in the lineup, within which we find a string quartet: 2 violins, cello and viola. Their debut album “The Fading Thought,” recorded between 2018 and 2019, contains 9 medium to long length tracks, available on LP and Digital from May 30, 2020 produced by Oskar Records. Footsteps in the distance characterize the intro of “The Film,” which begins with soft piano and string melodies, creating a pleasant intertwining with melancholy atmospheres. Entirely instrumental, it highlights both the classical inspiration of the band and a good compositional and executive technique. “In The Search Of The Invisible Line” is always characterized by a beautiful intertwining of piano and strings, to which is added a rhythmic session with a clear Prog mold. The vocal is warm and intense and adapts well to the melodies, giving life to a piece that alternates melodic openings with changes where it acquires more intensity. “Dance Of The Framed Words” is the shortest track on the album, a passage that does not lack power and processing. The title track “The Fading Thought” opens with a sweet piano arpeggio and a beautiful vocal that is very well interpreted. The intensity increases with the entry of the rhythmic session made up of deep bass lines and a constantly changing drum. The electric guitar fits precisely giving a more energetic touch along with the classicizing layers of strings. In the central part a change takes us to an instrumental section elaborated with the keyboards protagonists and a more intricate and accelerated rhythm. The vocal returns for the last stanzas full of emphasis and pathos, before returning to the initial theme and closing in calando. “Light” starts with a soft arpeggio on the piano and a melancholy violin, gradually all the instruments are inserted, creating a poignant atmosphere. The strings rugs are of fine workmanship and create a great blend with the piano, showcasing the band’s classic influences and dampening the tones. “Time Is Running” begins with a melodic and melancholic intertwining between keyboards and violin, which is a bit of the album’s leitmotif. The theme then develops with the entry of deep and supporting bass lines, a powerful and decisive drum, electric guitar and a vocal as always of a high level. A song full of tempo changes and interesting ideas, with a very Prog structure, one of the best on the album. “How Can I?” it starts with layers of dark keyboards and then with a sudden change it turns into a powerful Prog song. From the darker atmospheres of the previous ones, it showcases the versatility and the many ideas of Jargon, skilled in ranging between the different styles of the genre, always with their personal imprinting. “The Last Temptation” returns to the more symphonic and soft grounds of the beginning of the album, with another excellent vocal test and excellent phrasing between the string quartet and the piano. After a first acoustic part the rhythmic session enters, precise and load-bearing, and then in the second part it continues with a very interesting musical crescendo. Closes the album “Window To The World” which begins immediately with power and rock guitar riffs. Softer and symphonic openings alternate with electric outbursts that border on Prog Metal, closing this work with decision. An excellent musical journey through the various facets of the Jargon sound, very musically prepared and full of ideas. An album full of ideas, a convincing vocal test and a solid rhythmic session and the presence of the string quartet takes the sound to high levels. All Progressive lovers will appreciate this disc with original sounds, pleasant and smooth, really a recommended listening.


1. The Film (05:33)
2. In Search Of the Invisible Thin Line (04:53)
3. Dance of the Framed Words (02:38)
4. The Fading Thought (07:17)
5. Light (03:54)
6. Time Is Running Out (06:54)
7. How Can I? (06:22)
8. The Last Temptation (07:10)
9. Window to the World (04:54)


Jargon (Verbal Delirium) / Vocals, Keyboards, Piano
Nikitas Kissonas / Guitars
Leonidas Petropoulos / Bass
Wil Bow (Verbal Delirium) / Drums
Kostas Karitzis / Violin
Stelios Papanastasis / Viola
Thodoris Mouzakitis / Violin
Aris Zervas / Cello
Lupe / Additional Vocals (7)

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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