[Review] JIRM – The Tunnel, The Well, Holy Bedlam

JIRM is a Swedish band (formerly known as Jeremy Irons & the Ratgang Malibus) who recently signed to Ripple Music Records. With the label they released their fifth album “The Tunnel, The Well, Holy Bedlam” on March 04, 2022 and containing 6 long tracks ranging from 7 to over 12 minutes in length. The band offers its distinctive Psychdelic Rock with Heavy traits, continuing the musical discourse undertaken in the previous albums. The opening track “Liquid Covenant” is the shortest, in any case exceeding 6 minutes in duration and immediately plunges us into the sound atmosphere of the album. Granitic riffs, a monolithic rhythmic session and an enveloping vocal, an impactful beginning with good ideas well developed and executed. The following “Deeper Dwell” is an epic track of nearly 13 minutes, starting with a slow moving Psychedelic guitar and vocal interweaving. After a 2 minute intro the track turns darker with heavy guitar distortions, while the drumming continues with its pachydermic rhythms. The Sax insert is interesting in the central part, and between continuous tempo changes and lysergic sound experiments the track increases the intensity in the final part. With granite guitar riffs and a solid rhythmic session begins “You Fly” which maintains the dark features. The bass lines are deep and bearing and the vocal slowly enters the listener’s mind, even here the sax inserts are an added value of the sound, weaving well into the textures of the song. Interesting the change in the final part with acoustic guitar and softer and more cosmic sounds. “Repent in Blood” features a long intro with bass and distorted guitars, then develops into a cleaner and more dynamic vocal. The guitar riffs are well received and engaging, while the rhythm session gives the right power to the song, which in the second part is enriched with valuable tempo changes. A guitar with dilated and distorted sounds opens “Carried Away,” which enhances Karl’s vocal with a very intense interpretation. At 2 minutes a percussive drmming enters, which slows down with the entry of the guitar solo and the song between continuous changes and the entry of the sax evolves involving the listener. The album ends with “Pestilence” which in the first part presents softer sounds of guitar and voice, and then releases all the energy of the band. More rhythmic, with engaging riffs and massive drumming, a hypnotic bassline and solo inserts that penetrate the listener’s mind. The second part begins with a more experimental section, then accelerates and ends with a crescendo. An album that has a good sonic impact, characterized by long tracks that allow the band to develop their musical concept in full. Harder and softer passages alternate, with some more experimental sections, offering massive riffs and a solid rhythmic session. The vocal parts are good, interpreting the tracks with dynamism and a personal touch, the sax inserts offer an extra solution. A listening recommended for lovers of Stoner sounds and those related to modern Psychedelia, continuing the good musical journey undertaken by the band in previous releases.


01. Liquid Covenant (06:59)
02. Deeper Dwell (12:47)
03. You Fly (07:26)
04. Repent in Blood (08:37)
05. Carried Away (08:14)
06. Pestilence (08:22)


Karl Apelmo / Vocals, Guitar
Micke Backendal / Guitar
Viktor Källgren / Bass
Henke Persson / Drums

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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