[Review] The Pearson Memmott Conspiracy – Freedom, Industry And Providence

The Pearson Memmott Conspiracy is a trio of expert British multi-instrumentalists who mix different genres and styles between Classic Rock, Progressive and Art-Rock. The lineup is made up of the talented Richard Memmoth, Pod Pearson and Dean Cousins. The new album “Freedom, Industry And Providence” was released on February 01, 2022 and contains 6 tracks including the final epic of over 21 minutes in length. The sound of the footsteps and “Save Something From The Wreckage” begins the opening track, characterized by technical interweaving between guitar and bass with an elaborate drumming. The keyboards are added in the background, while the vocal is dynamic and expressive and the track develops with the alternation of sung and instrumental parts of fine workmanship. The three musicians dialogue at their best and in the final the guitar offers an interesting solo, while the bass lines are an added value for the whole song. The acoustic guitar and a more rhythmic drumming open “Dance The Dark Away” a Rock track with Folk influences, engaging and cheerful. The vocal alternates solo strofe and choral refrains, while the melodic plots are well structured and show a different facet of the band’s sound. In the second part there is the instrumental section that enhances the guitar, and then returns to the vocal and accompany us at the end. “Philosophy” begins with organ and piano duet, then develops a track that mixes Rock and Funky, with the personal touch of the trio. The vocal and music are very intense and deep, with elaborate but accessible interweaving, creating engaging and delicate melodies and vocal parts. The acoustic guitar and bass open “Moving The Mountain” to which are added percussion and a choral vocal. The track with a change inserts a bass line and the drumming increasing the intensity with the passing of the minutes. With continuous tempo changes and the choral vocal and instrumental inserts intertwining, the melodies of this track remain etched in the mind. “This Is The Life” has a more Neo Prog character, with distorted guitar conriffs and synths that are mixed, the vocal traces the 80’s sounds of the genre. In the central part they develop an instrumental section with an intense guitar solo, deep and passionate, which accompanies us until the end. The album ends with the epic “The Cephalons Of Alcor” lasting over 21 minutes, which begins with an arpeggio reminiscent of Genesis and a YES-style vocal. It is a song that shows the more progressive side and aimed at the experimentation of the trio, skilled in proposing a sound with marked personal characteristics. The technique of the 3 musicians is enhanced by refined plots, at times pompous and the right alternation of vocal parts and long instrumental sections. This song further increases the value of this album, which for its duration is certainly the pivotal track of the disc. The experience of these musicians is noticeable at every step, offering an album that ranges between various genres and styles with technique and quality. The compositions of the album are refined, enhancing the individual technique of the three artists who understand each other and interact at the perception. A recommended listening for lovers of Rock music in general and Prog in the specific, who will appreciate the final epic suite, which concludes this good full-length with quality.


1. Save Something From The Wreckage (05:32)
2. Dance The Dark Away (03:35)
3. Philosophy (04:11)
4. Moving The Mountain (05:27)
5. This Is The Life (06:54)
6. The Cephalons Of Alcor (21:12)


Richard Memmott / Bass, Vocal, Keyboards
Pod Pearson / Guitars, Vocals, Synthesiser
Dean Cousins / Drums, Percussion, Gong

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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