[Review] Kanaan – Earthbound

Kanaan is a young power trio originally from Norway that proposes a genre halfway between Psychedelia/Space Rock and Krautrock. They have 4 albums with different sonic facets to their credit, ranging from early Jazz/Fusion influences to a harder sound in the latest “Earthbound.” Released on November 12, 2021 via Jansen Records, it contains 8 medium to long duration tracks that continue their musical exploration sometimes flowing into the Stoner Rock. The opener “Prelude” is a short introductory piece, consisting of dilated and dreamy sounds, with a deep bass and atmospheric carpets guiding us towards the next. “Return to the Tundrasphere” is also one of the singles taken from the disc and proposed in the official video, which begins with massive electric guitar riffs. The sounds are harsher than the previous productions, but the sonic evolution of the band seems to have been successful, with well developed and executed textures. the turn towards more Stoner sounds, which favor the Psychedelic part of their sound, however, do not neglect the technique and the passages are of a good level. The guitar offers a good solo part in the central section and appears to be the protagonist throughout the song, intertwining well with the keyboard sounds and with the solid rhythm session. In “Pink Riff” after an intro with atmospheric and guitar effects, a rhythmic pull comes to life with important riffs, as well as the penetrating and supporting bass lines for the sound. The turn towards other sounds are very marked, but the band is also at ease in this new evolution and the guitar offers another convincing proof. “Bourdon” is characterized by sounds more permeated than Space Rock with dilated and effect notes of guitar and a drum that performs in a rhythmic tirade. The bass, as always, is the link between the two, with the effects used with technique and knowledge, a demonstration of research in the sound field. The sounds are acidic and the long lead guitar section guides us for long stretches of the track reminding us of bands like Ash Ra Temple, with a modern and personal touch. “Mirage” is a shorter and more lysergic passage, made up of percussion and 70s sounds, a mystical journey of 2:52 minutes that softens the tones between the electronic outbursts of the previous tracks. Here we are at the longest track of the album “Mudbound” which returns to the heavier sounds of the initial songs, with a powerful and very percussive drum. The bass is full of effects that exacerbate the sound, characterized by repeated and hypnotic lines to which a guitar is also added with the addition of effects. In the central part we find a more intricate passage where the atmospheres become more Psychedelic and soft, and then increase the intensity again with the passing of the minutes to close the song increasing. Also good is the insertion in the second part of the keyboards that create a good level of mixture with the guitar. “Crash” presents an intro with guitar effects and a very heavy sound with dark lines, the rhythm session is slowed down and pachydermic. A particular track that explores the horizons of Stoner, taking it to the extreme and proposing a new sound, revisiting the style that today characterizes the evolution of the genre with a personal touch. Closes the album “No Star Unturned” characterized by a tight drum, very present effects and repeated and hypnotic riffs and bass lines that develop with the passage of the song. The sounds that I insert one after the other build the track, which hypnotizes the listener and guides him towards the conclusion of this album. This last track is a cosmic journey among the stars, where the keyboard sounds bind well to the structure of the piece with the effects reminiscent of cosmic winds. A band that evolves over time, always starting from a Psychedelic matrix sound, exploring all its sub-genres and facets, passing from the most ’70s influences of the beginnings to the more Stoner and modern ones of this album. Definitely harder than the previous ones, they prove to be at ease even in this new guise, managing to surprise us again. Well developed and executed, it mixes Stoner, Space and personal characters of the band resulting pleasant and smooth and succeeding in capturing the listener’s attention. Listener who is led by the band into another dimension, enveloping him with the sounds of an album full of ideas and engaging and enveloping passages. A listening recommended to all lovers of experimentation in the Psychedelic field with marked Stoner influences, a personal touch of the band that manages to project the genre into the future.


01. Prelude (1:36)
02. Return to the Tundrasphere (8:24)
03. Pink Riff (3:16)
04. Bourdon (7:24)
05. Mirage (2:52)
06. Mudbound (11:55)
07. Crash (5:17)
08. No Star Unturned (5:00)


Ask Vatn Strøm / Guitars, Percussion, Oscillations
Ingvald André Vassbø / Drums, Percussion, Speed Farfisa
Eskild Myrvoll / Bass, Synths, Mellotron, Guitar

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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