[Review] King Of Sweden – The Training

King Of Sweden is a Finnish Progressive Rock band, the lineup consists of a trio founded in 2019 who released their debut album “The Training” on October 1, 2021 via Crusader Records and consists of 6 long-running tracks that combine vintage sounds in a modern way. The opener “Dreaming About The Emerald” begins with a massive guitar riff and a solid rhythm session with a deep, driving bass. The guitar is the protagonist as well as the tempo changes are an added value of the sound. The sound malgamation is good and the first impact with the album is still positive. “Two Thieves” starts with a melancholy guitar, and then with a change give life to a good piece of Rock, with a solid rhythm session enhanced by continuous tempo changes. The bass creates intricate and load-bearing lines with the guitar free to express itself in the melodies and the drum that beats time with elaborate fills. The track has the chityarra as a great protagonist with high-level solos and inserts, excellent choral passages, where all the instruments dialogue perfectly. The atmospheres are varied, from more symphonic and dreamy features to more intricate ones, in the end a cantato with very personal features enters. In the instrumental finale the track closes in calando, a long and valuable piece, good. “In The House Of A Witch” is a short 2:24 minute passage where a more atmospheric song is developed, with the guitar creating psychedelic and dilated inserts. The bass is repeated and hypnotic and overall the track is enveloping, short but intense. The wrapping of the previous track continues with “The Imprisonment” which succeeds with a passage to create delicate melodies and an emotional vocal that fits in. In the central section the instrumental part with the wind solo takes the sound to another level, to pleasantly guide us to the final. A good delicate track, which has its best moment in the long instrumental section of the second part. “Help Arrives a) God Uses A Hammer b) Help Arrives c) Butterfly Hatches” is a three-part track that begins with an aggressive rhythm session and hard guitar riffs. The deep bass is driving and the song powerful, delivering a blend of prog and hard rock with edgy electric guitar inserts. After this first step it becomes more intricate to develop on very engaging time changes and with all the protagonists tools. The guitar solo in the central part is good, and then changes and touches the classic style of 70s Rock in a modern and personal key of a good level. The album closes with “And the Last Enemy to Be Destroyed Is Mathematics“, more linear, to conclude a pleasant record with craft. The guitar is a great protagonist and this finale summarizes all the characteristics of the band’s sound, which in my opinion is more at ease in open spaces and in long instrumentals. A record that leaves good feelings and the curiosity to listen to other albums in the future from the band. Equally it will be interesting to listen to this good group live. As heard here is a good start for the band, which has its real strength in the instrumentals, less incisive the caantate parts, on which I think we could work and improve. A listening recommended to all lovers of Prog Rock sounds closer to 70’s Rock, a good debut that bodes well for the future, congratulations.


01. Dreaming About The Emerald (3:50)
02. Two Thieves (13:02)
03. In The House Of A Witch (2:24)
04. The Imprisonment (5:21)
05. Help Arrives a) God Uses A Hammer b) Help Arrives c) Butterfly Hatches (8:32)
06. And the Last Enemy to Be Destroyed Is Mathematics (9:50)


Sampsa Nelimarkka / Guitar and Vocals
Janne Savela / Drummer
Erkka Heinilä / Bass

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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