[Review] The Trip – Caronte 50 Years Later

The Trip are a historic Italian Progressive Rock band, one of the best known abroad and which left an indelible mark on the music of the 70s. Today reformed, with only Pino “Caronte” Sinnone of the original lineup, they carry on the music of the band at the express will of Joe Vescovi. On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the album “Caronte,” the new lineup of The Trip has resounded the historic album, with the addition of an unreleased track and two tracks extracted from two other albums of the ’70s. “Caronte 50 Year later” was released on July 22, 2021 therefore containing 8 tracks published on Ma.ra.Cash. Records. The opener “Acheronte” was composed by the multi-instrumentalist Carmine Capasso, a short introductory piece with an opening narration and powerful keyboards. A pompous intro that also showcases Andrea Ranfa’s vocal skills and his great extension. So begin the tracks of the original album with “Caronte I” and his powerful organ intro and hypnotic bass, which immediately take us back to the 70s. The mixes between guitar and keyboard are perfect, the powerful drum and the supporting bass lines, the interpreters change (apart Pino Sinnone) but the substance does not change. The organ is the great protagonist both in the melodies and in the solo inserts, the guitar offers ideas of exquisite workmanship and the track is a mix of Prog and hard Rock sounds unique in its kind. Listening to this masterpiece resonated and made so current made me really excited, Prog is alive and this is the proof. The guitar echo of the first track introduces us to “Two Brothers” which begins with a deep bass and an organ taking the stage. The tempo changes are an added value and the singing in English is very expressive, the ever-changing track is a classic example of how the Prog is composed and performed. If we close our eyes we feel in the 70s, this new version is powerful and very well executed. The soloist plots are valuable and for us lovers of certain sounds, such songs are pure enjoyment. “Little Janie” starts with sweet keyboard melodies, and a warm and expressive vocal, a more melodic and subform tune, but very enjoyable. A passage that softens the tones a little in the midst of Progressive outbursts, but which is very reminiscent of the Italian song, well performed and very pleasant. “Ultima ora & Ode a Jimi Hendrix” which begins with deep organ melodies and a vocal that is well suited to the various phases of the piece. Very intense and powerful from the first notes, even here we go back in time and this new lineup is very skilled in making us relive the same emotions 50 years later. The singing is an added value and the instrumental sections offer high-level solos and all the instruments are great protagonists. A thrilling track for those who love Prog sounds, everything is in the right place and the solemnity of the second part can only be described with the word MASTERPIECE. The tracks of the original disc close with “Caronte II” which begins again with an imposing organ and an intricate rhythmic session and a deep and supporting bass. The intertwining of the instruments is of exquisite workmanship, as in its predecessor the tempo changes are a fundamental characteristic of the piece which is a concentrate of unique power and virtuosity. “Una Pietra Colorata” is a track extracted from the band’s self-titled album, proposed here in a modern key but always respecting the sounds of the past. Sung in Italian, a song that recalls the first sounds of the band, with powerful music and Prog and a classic melodic vocal of Italian Prog. Valuable instrumental parts with high level phrasing between keyboards and guitars, very good. “Fantasia” is a track of the band taken from the movie “Terzo Canale – Avventura a Montecarlo” with Progressive sounds, classical music, song and soundtrack that mix to create something unique. The singing is very warm and expressive, and the tempo changes add power to the song, in a musical crescendo that closes this record very well. That “Caronte” was a masterpiece of music had already been written in history for 50 years and today this star returns to shine thanks to Pino Sinnone and the new members of The Trip. Really a very pleasant listening and a modern reinterpretation of the album, while maintaining its distinctive characters that have made it famous. A listening that left me breathless from start to finish, recommended to all lovers of Italian prog sounds, I am convinced that it will not disappoint the fans of the band who will be pleasantly surprised, a masterpiece.


1. Acheronte (01:44)
2. Caronte I (06:28)
3. Two Brothers (07:05)
4. Little Janie (04:37)
5. Ultima ora & Ode a Jimi Hendrix (10:12)
6. Caronte II (03:33)
7. Una Pietra Colorata (03:44)
8. Fantasia (03:44)


Pino Caronte Sinnone / Drums
Andrea Ranfa / Vocals
Carmine Capasso / Vocals, Guitars, Sitar, Theremin, Programming
Tony Alemanno / Bass, Cori
Dave D’Avino / Hammond, Piano, Backing vocals

Kri Sinnone
/ Drums in “Una Pietra Colorata” and “Fantasia
Antonio Capasso / Harley Davidson motorcycle in “Two Brothers

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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