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Magik Saturn is a US Progressive Rock band, with marked reminiscences of early 70s music, especially bands like ELP and Gentle Giant. Their self-produced debut album “Moon Water,” which we are preparing to review here, was released on June 9, 2020 and available digitally. Composed of 8 tracks ranging from about 2, to almost 10 minutes, showing a sound linked to tradition but with personal cues and ideas, well built and focused on keyboards. The album opens with the longer track “Indecisively” which begins with a long atmospheric intro that lasts halfway through the first part. The theme then begins to develop with the intensity that increases with the passing of the minutes, with intricate keyboard and guitar melodies. The second part is more symphonic and recalls Gentle Giant both in the sonority and in the vocal, with sound intertwining and quality tempo changes. A good opener, which immediately plunges us into the pleasant atmosphere that will accompany us throughout the album. “Grease Fighter” is shorter and the organ dominates the scene, with melodies reminiscent of ELP, always well supported by the guitar and with a solid rhythm session. They alternate a fun theme with symphonic openings making this piece enjoyable. “Autumn Wind Pt. 1” is the first of the two parts in which the track is divided, where layers of keyboard build the sound carpet on which the vocal is inserted, always with a more acute tone in the Gentle Giant style. In the central instrumental section, it becomes harder and more elaborate with the electric guitar which acts as a counterpoint to the forays of keyboards. In this song there are clear references to the golden age of Prog, revisited in a modern key with quality. “Mars” is a more song with a slower rhythmic session, but no less elaborate, with duets between guitar and keyboards always technically well structured. Enriched by tempo changes and evolutions and the intertwining of guitar and keyboards above all, I don’t understand if the problem is in the Bandcamp player, but the audio quality unfortunately is not up to the standard of the other tracks, with a lower volume and resolution. “Autumn Wind Pt. 2” is the second part that completes the song, and is also the shortest on the album. A pleasant passage with sweet melodies and a choral vocal, which in the second part increases the intensity and thrust with an intricate instrumental section and then softly closes the piano. “Keep on Keeping on” characterized by a melancholic arpeggio on the piano and an effected choral vocal that will guide us for the duration of the track. A passage that softens the tones in the middle of the elaborate Prog songs of the album, well executed and well interpreted is a smooth passage. The album ends with “Tree Fingers” a song that returns to the Progressive terrain that characterized the initial tyraces. Full of tempo changes and constantly evolving, with keyboards guiding the sound. The singing at times choral and in the instrumental sections the guitar that fits with precision creating beautiful duets with the keyboards. A good album, with strong reminiscences of Prog music of the early 70s that mix with the band’s ideas, giving life to a work with some interesting ideas. The first part of the album is more full-bodied and intense, while except for the final track the second half loses a bit of incisiveness. Overall a pleasant album and a recommended listening for lovers of 70s Peog sounds of groups such as ELP and Gentle Giant above all.


1. Indecisively (09:54)
2. Grease Fighter (02:57)
3. Autumn Wind Pt. 1 (04:48)
4. Mars (05:18)
5. Autumn Wind Pt. 2 (02:10)
6. Keep on Keeping on (03:29)
7. Turning Blue (04:17)
8. Tree Fingers (05:09)


William Alber / Bass, Vocals, Moog
Kyle Deshowtiz / Guitar, Vocals
Jason Percle / Keyboard, Organ, Vocals
Matthew Keegan / Drums, Vocals

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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