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Lastryko is a Psychedelic/Space Rock band originally from Gdynia, Poland who have released 4 albums, the new LP titled “Sesje” was published on January 17, 2022. Contains 4 long tracks ranging from 7 to over 13 minutes with Krautrock and Post-Rock influences, showcasing the sonic explorations that the band has evolved over the years. The album opens with “A1” which is the longest track, exceeding 13 minutes in duration. The synth intertwines with the bass lines, creating a deep sound, while the drumming is tight and intricate with the guitar offering inserts enriched by the effects. The Space sounds permeate the song, which increases in intensity with the passing of the minutes with elaborate interweaving between guitar and synth. The second part is characterized by more cosmic and Kraut sounds that accompany us to the end of the track. This is followed by “A2” which begins with cosmic sounds of keyboard and guitar intertwined, loaded with effects and a powerful rhythm session that treads on the toms of the drum. The drumming is reminiscent of early German electronic music, but played acoustically, an original cue for a song that takes us into deep space with the mind. “B1” features a repeated and hypnotic opening sound and an intricate, slow rhythmic drumming on which the guitar draws echo-laden arpeggios. The sounds are constantly evolving, increasing the intensity with the passage of the song and stratifying giving life to a quality sound Space that recalls the 70s. Closes the disc “B2” which begins with a long intro of minimal cosmic sounds, and then in the middle of the song evolves with the entry of the rhythm session. A track that develops with a musical crescendo and a rhythmic drum on which the guitar draws melodies full of effects and very dilated in the Space mold. A band that confirms the good things heard in previous works, proposing here an album characterized by Space and Kraut sounds. The guitar textures and synth inserts are interesting, while the rhythm session is intricate and the bass creates driving lines with deep sounds. A listening recommended to all lovers of Space Rock sounds, managing to bring the sounds of the 70s to the present day with a personal touch.


1. A1 (13:16)
2. A2 (06:58)
3. B1 (08:14)
4. B2 (07:26)


Artur Bieszke / Guitar, Vocals
Jacek Rezner
/ Drums
Maciej Szkudlarek
/ Synthesizers
Wojciech Lacki
/ Bass

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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