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Love Gang are a band with a heavy rock sound, driven by intertwining guitar and organ with granitic rhythm sections. The new album “Meansteak” was released on January 27, 2023 via Heavy Psych Sounds and contains eight tracks. A powerful electric guitar riff opens “Deathride,” to which the organ is intertwined, while the drumming is powerful and the bass line deep and load-bearing. Energetic vocals add a heavy touch to the sound, with scratchy guitars and a retro imprinting blending with the band’s modern and personal traits. An energetic and engaging opener, showing the band’s heavier side. The title track “Meanstreak” mixes Heavy Rock and Blues traits, bringing the classic sounds of the late 1960s into a modern context. The vocals are energetic, the guitar riffs well constructed, as are the solo inserts, while the rhythm section is gritty and engaging. “Bad News” is another blast of rock, with powerful guitar riffs, a killer bassline and gritty, tight drumming. The vocals, as always, are dynamic and enrgic, while the tempo changes are an added value to the track, a continuous increase in intensity that ends in a musical instrumental crescendo with the guitar as the protagonist. An extended instrumental section characterises the first part of “Blinded By Fear,” with its accelerated and elaborate drumming. Distorted guitar riffs intertwine with the organ, while the vocal parts come in with an edgy, aggressive vocal. An old-style solo and fine organ and guitar duets characterise the second half of the song, bringing the atmosphere of 70s Heavy Rock to the present day. Another well-constructed riff characterises the intro of “Shake This Feelin’” developed with a fine use of distortion. The powerful vocals energetically interpret the lyrics, while the sund is a highly addictive concentration of retro-rock sounds with a modern and dynamic personal touch. The longest track on the album, “Headed Down To Mexico,” which runs over six minutes, shows the different facets of the band’s sound. Between Heavy Rock, Blues with organ and guitar that work very well together, offering riffs and solo inserts of the highest level. The rhythm section is tight and is enriched in the second half with tempo changes, where the guitar offers a solo insert that takes the sound into more Blues Rock territory. “Same Ol’ Blues” is the album’s shortest track, developing a Blues with acoustic guitar, a dirty retro vocal and harmonica. The album ends with “Fly Away,” which returns to the band’s more energetic and heavy sounds, with distorted guitar riffs and a solid rhythm section. The vocals are powerful, while organ and guitar create an enveloping melodic line, over which a solo insert is created in the instrumental part. In the finale there is room for a prolonged duet between organ and guitar that accompanies us to the finale. A well-structured, engaging and energetic record that succeeds in bringing the rock sounds of the 60s and 70s into a modern context with personal traits. Hard guitar riffs intertwine with a distorted organ, granitic drumming and deep, load-bearing bass lines, over which the vocals interpret the lyrics with energy and intensity. A recommended listen for all lovers of heavy rock sounds, with forays into blues rock between past and present.


01. Deathride (04:41)
02. Meanstreak (04:21)
03. Bad News (04:02)
04. Blinded By Fear (04:33)
05. Shake This Feelin’ (03:40)
06. Headed Down To Mexico (06:15)
07. Same Ol’ Blues (03:11)
08. Fly Away (05:31)


Kam Wentworth / Guitar & Vocals
Leo Muñoz / Organ
Grady O’Donnell / Bass
Shaun Goodwin / Drums

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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