[Review] Le Vele di Oniride – La Quadratura del Cerchio

Le Vele di Oniride are a band from Imola, Italy that plays sounds that can be traced back to Italian Progressive Rock, with a mixture of retro and modern traits, united by their personal touch. Their debut album “La Quadratura del Cerchio” was released on May 30, 2023 via Lizard Records and contains 7 long tracks. The opener “Sogni Infranti” features an introductory part with atmospheric, dilated keyboard and guitar sounds. The rhythm section is elaborated and enriched by tempo changes, allowing in the first part to develop a long instrumental section that immediately immerses us in the band’s musical atmospheres. Complex textures, with extensive use of keyboards in the best tradition of Italian Prog, while the vocals are intense and expressive, interpreting the intense lyrics with passion. A track that strikes us and makes us travel with the mind, as well as capturing our attention and enticing us to listen to the rest of the disc. A deep and penetrating bass line, guitar arpeggios and an orchestral keyboard background characterise the intro to “The Illusion of Oblivion.” With the entry of drumming and vocals, it increases in intensity, in a constant alternation of more energetic passages and symphonic openings with fine mellotron carpets. The band’s atmospheric sounds envelop the listener, then accelerate and incorporate heavier guitar riffs, displaying a refined compositional and performance technique. The vocals are dynamic, showing a more energetic and always very intense facet of Francesco Ronchi‘s voice. “Catarsi” alternates between darker passages and others with dreamy atmospheres, with very refined and intense lyrics masterfully interpreted by Francesco. The interweaving of keyboards and guitar are full of quality cues and ideas, while the rhythm section is solid and elaborate. The guitar offers a beautifully crafted solo insert in the middle part, accompanying us in a musical crescendo that culminates in the second part of the song in a prolonged instrumental section. We return to the opening theme and the song closes with the last sung verses. A hard guitar riff intertwined with keyboards, a fine orchestral background and a distinctly rock and energetic rhythm section characterise “Apologia di Reato.” The vocals are very warm and expressive, with lyrics full of meaning, alternating with intense instrumental parts, reminiscent of the harder Prog sounds of bands like Biglietto per L’inferno. The tempo changes are an added value in the song structure, enhancing the band’s compositional and performing technique, exploring more complex sounds in the instrumental section of the second part of the track. “Isolation” opens with interesting guitar work, an elaborate rhythm section with a supporting bass line and keyboards that create excellent melodies. The vocal is very intense and full of pathos, with engaging choral refrains, while the keyboards offer melodic lines that take us back to the golden years of Italian Prog. In a musical crescendo with solo synth inserts of the highest level, the track continues to maintain its refined and very intense sound. Very solid and rhythmic drumming, hard guitar riffs and organ characterise “Ladri di Niente, Figli di Nessuno.” A fine exploration of Heavy Prog with lyrics in Italian, very energetic and enhancing the vocal extension of the singer. The organ work is of absolute value, both in the melodic lines and in the solo inserts, taking the sound to another level. Enriched by tempo changes that develop the song with complex textures that combine Prog with experimentation, then return to the energetic sound and conclude. The album ends with the longest track in duration, “Miraggi Remoti,” which exceeds 7:30 minutes. A deep, load-bearing bass line, guitar arpeggios and an effects-enriched keyboard background open the track. The drumming is elaborate and technical, the singing is soft and expressive, with the band showing a more delicate facet of their sound. The intensity increases as the minutes go by, developing the track into an emotional crescendo and elaborating the structure of the piece. A band that offers a sound inspired by Italian Prog from the 1970s, proposed with a modern twist and markedly personal traits. The tracklist is well-constructed, very intense from start to finish, keeping the listener always very involved both musically and with the lyrics full of meaning. A recommended listen for all lovers of the sounds of Italian Progressive Rock, managing to bring the atmosphere of the golden years back to the present day, one of the best releases so far of 2023.


01. Sogni Infranti (07:37)
02. L’Illusione dell’Oblio (05:09)
03. Catarsi (07:35)
04. Apologia di Reato (05:52)
05. Isolazione (05:29)
06. Ladri di Niente, Figli di Nessuno (05:22)
07. Miraggi Remoti (07:39)


Francesco Ronchi / Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals, Additional Lyrics
Nello De Leo / Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Synth Guitar, Backing Vocals, Lyrics
Lorenzo Marani / Electric Bass
Jacopo Cenesi / Drums
Cristiano Costa / Keyboards, Synthesizers, Piano

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Lizard Records |Official Website|Facebook Page|YouTube Channel|

Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

4 thoughts on “[Review] Le Vele di Oniride – La Quadratura del Cerchio

  1. Davvero bravi.
    Musica finalmente fuori dal coro con voglia di creare e stupire.
    Belle sonorità e non scontati giri musicali. Bella ritmica . Grandi assoli.
    Continuate così.
    Viva il progressive mio musicale filo conduttore

  2. Bravi davvero!
    Bel lavoro coraggioso nel mondo del musical correct.
    Belle melodie e variazioni che stupiscono. Viva il progressive!

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