[Review] Luís Alberto Machado – Carpe Diem

Luís Alberto Machado is a Brazilian composer, keyboardist and singer who offers Progressive Rock sounds. On the album “Carpe Diem” released on March 13, 2022 many guests participate to complete the lineup. The title track “Carpe Diem” opens the disc, a suite of over 17 minutes divided into 3 movements, as in the classic Prog of the ’70s. The song begins with the sound of the sea and a sound guided by the keyboards, creating a dreamy symphonic atmosphere. The female vocal offers a pleasant choral background and the rhythmic session is enriched with continuous tempo changes. The music is a mixture of Folk-Rock and Progressive features with extensive use of keyboards and the synth is immediately evident in the first part. In the central part the intensity increases and the sound is enriched with flute inserts and a more taut rhythmic session. Between continuous tempo changes and symphonic openings that alternate with harder sections, the suite develops pleasantly with the keyboards dominating the sound. The following “Last Blue Whale” is characterized by an atmospheric intro that flows into Neo Prog plots with Symphonic traits with a good prolonged guitar solo. In the second part the keyboards replace the guitar in the solo part and with continuous tempo changes we arrive at the finale. “Nhanderú” is a track that mixes the folkloric sounds of the natives with more prog traits and a wide use of synth. An interesting combination, which gives life to an original mix and gives voice to a culture that is too often forgotten. With a good intertwining of keyboards “Eros & Psiquê” opens with a softer rhythmic session and dreamy and markedly symphonic sounds. The intensity increases with the passage of the piece that develops with a prolonged guitar solo in the central part enriched by the effects and the return of a folkloristic atmosphere. The synth plugs in and duets with the guitar and the track is intense and smooth flowing. After a long intro with ambient keyboards, “The Bug and the Flower” proposes Symphonic sounds permeated by pompous keyboards and choral intertwining of a female voice. March-style drumming marks the tempo throughout the song. The album ends with “Fraternidad” a track that exceeds 11 minutes and begins with a Floydian guitar, and then the first sung vocal of the disc is inserted. An intertwining of female lead vocals and male choirs, while in the instrumental parts that are more incisive the guitar and keyboards duet in sophisticated solos. Between constant tempo changes and interesting theme developments, the track is an engaging suite with keyboards and guitar at the center of the sound. An album with a markedly Symphonic Prog sound, with extensive use of keyboards, long instrumental textures and well-constructed guitar solo inserts. The vocal is mainly choral and supporting except for the final track, while the rhythmic session is enriched by tempo changes also thanks to the long duration of the pieces. A pleasant listening that contains some interesting passages, especially in the solo parts, overall a fluent album.


01. Carpe Diem (17:11)
02. Last Blue Whale (08:01)
03. Nhanderú (05:32)
04. Eros & Psiquê (08:49)
05. The Bug and the Flower (06:31)
06. Fraternidad (11:23)


Luis Alberto Machado / Keyboards, Vocals

Special Guests:
Élcio Cáfaro
/ Drums and Percussion
Hélio Valverde / Guitars, Acoustic Guitar, Mandolin
Jenny Gauvreau / Lead Vocal
Jove David Paiva / Bass Guitar
Leandro Cruz / Guitars
Rodrigo Botter Maio / Flute
Rut Benitez / Vocals

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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  1. Luiz Alberto lives in Brazil but was born in Azores, Portugal, so he’s a portuguese-brazilian musician! 🙂

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