[Review] Malossi – Blanke Barter

Malossi is a band originally from Oslo in Norway that offers a sound that has its roots in Psychedelia interpreted with a modern vision, mixing Heavy Rock and Stoner inside. The name of the band derives instead from an element used in the tuning of motorcycles, while the themes of their songs tell of moments of life in the suburbs of their country. Their second full-length titled “Blanke Barter” was released on August 13, 2021 via Rob Mules Records and contains 10 mid-length tracks sung in Norwegian. The album opens with “Far Hass Knut” which begins with a powerful rhythm session and massive electric guitar riffs, the vocal is firm and fits well with the sound. The tempo changes are well executed and mark the sections of the song in the best possible way, with a strong impact this introductory track immediately immerses us in the atmosphere of the album. “Kje Med Are” is the shortest track on the record and has a darker and more intricate atmosphere in the early stage with a nice addition of percussion. The sound is solid and guided by the guitar and features organ inserts that intertwine well with the sounds of the band. Well developed and executed with hypnotic riffs and bass lines and a very expressive vocal. This is followed by “Kløpp Dreieventiln” which starts off strong with a tight rhythmic session, sharp riffs and an aggressive vocal, all enriched by continuous tempo changes. It is an intense track that resonates powerfully in the system, unleashing all the strength of this band involving the listener with dynamic riffs and a good solo in the final part. “Kaffekjæft” is so far the track closest to Stoner sounds, with a very percussive drum and a vocal at times effected while the bass makes the body vibrate. Even if I don’t understand their language, the singing still manages to be engaging, thanks to the singer and the band that puts him in a position to express his potential. The alternation of sung and instrumental parts is precise, giving space for expression to all the artists involved, another beautiful piece. Repeated heavy riffs and a firm vocal open “Tusen Mål Jord” which develops with a dark touch but with power, while the bass is penetrating. The rhythm is pressing and once again they show that they are skilled in creating catchy riffs, a concentrate of power and original ideas as in the instrumental part. “Vante Sko” follows the sound of the previous one, resulting in a concentrate of engaging riffs and power with the addition of the organ. The vocal alternates solo and other choral parts, the development of the theme is good managing to mix Heavy Rock and Stoner with good results. The atmosphere becomes darker in “Tomt Prat” with heavier guitar and bass, close to Stoner Metal, but it is a positive sign to know how to change with each track. The ideas expressed here are good and the band manages to propose its sound in a darker guise, with fine lead guitar inserts, while the vocal continues to express itself with precision and intensity. “Flatnævan” is a concentrate of power and rhythms pulled with granite guitar riffs, protagonist of the sound, while the vocal is also pushed to the maximum. Another track that showcases all the power the band has to express, always staying on speeded up rhythms with a mystical touch in some inserts of the second part. “Skuld” instead has a slower rhythm but always with a powerful sound but with a more dilated atmosphere, proposing another facet of the modern Psychedelic sound. The references to Desert Rock mix with the power of the band and the track, the last one with the presence of the organ, sweeps between genres with ease. Closes the album “Drømmer På Boks” where we find double bass and harmonica to support the band, which leaves us with a gem. All the influences heard on the disc are summarized here, a winning blend of multiple genres that are summarized in the sound of the band. the instrumental sections and the mixes between harmonic guitar are very interesting, while the rhythm session is powerful and engaging, even the cleaner and softer vocal test is good in certain sections. A pleasure to listen to bands that manage to combine the tradition of a genre like Psychedelic by inserting modern influences always treated with a personal touch. Sung in Norwegian may seem like a gamble, certainly won by the band as it goes well with the music, also thanks to vocal skills. The riffs are very engaging, as are the songs offering a smooth and enjoyable listening from start to finish. Lovers of modern evolutions that Psychedelic music proposes will be impressed by this band skilled in evolving and projecting the genre with personality into the future.


01. Far Hass Knut (03:37)
02. Kje Med Are (03:04)
03. Kløpp Dreieventiln (05:14)
04. Kaffekjæft (03:15)
05. Tusen Mål Jord (04:20)
06. Vante Sko (05:11)
07. Tomt Prat (04:02)
08. Flatnævan (03:28)
09. Skuld (04:29)
10. Drømmer På Boks (05:23)


Roy Møllerud / Vocals, Guitar
Tommy Hylden / Guitar
Pål Salvesen / Bass
Øyvind Minsaas / Drums

Guest artists:

Richard Gjems / Harmonica on “Far Hass Knut” and “Drømmer På Boks
Bjørn Einar Hanstveit / Percussion on all songs except “Tomt Prat
Rune Flobakk / Organ on “Kje Med Are,” “Vante Sko” and “Skuld
Kristian Plassgård / Guitar solo on “Kløpp Dreieventiln
Egil Stemkens / Double bass on “Drømmer På Boks
Børre Mølstad / Tuba on “Tusen Mål Jord

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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