[Review] Square Wild – The Tree-P EP

Square Wild is a young band from Manchester, UK with particular sounds, they mix Progressive Rock and Hard Rock without genre barriers, trespassing on experimentation. They released their first EP “The Tree-P” on November 12, 2021 and containing 3 medium length tracks. The “Hounds” opener begins with massive guitar riffs and a solid, elaborate rhythm session on which a pleasantly strong feminine vocavle is inserted. The tempo changes are an added value of their sound that manages to mix more Prog traits with others more Hard Rock and this first step is impactful. “Fishman” is characterized in the initial part by melancholic guitar riffs, deep bass lines and a slower rhythm with a warm and expressive singing. With forays into Blues Rock and a valuable vocal test that characterizes the song, developed on continuous tempo changes and a good individual technique. The references to the ’70s are felt, however, interpreted with personal traits that characterize the sounds, increasing the intensity with the passing of the minutes. Closes this EP “Mother” which is also the longest track, exceeding 6 minutes and also the most elaborate, with killer bass lines and the theme in continuous development. The voice as in the previous ones is an added value, while the guitar duets perfectly with the bass. The rhythm session offers precise changes and elaborate fills, a successful and very pleasant track, a concentration of more Hard and Prog sounds. An interesting record that showcases the personality of the band and their compositional skills, the ideas are there and they are clear. Their mix of harder sounds and more Prog passages is successful with all the able interpreeti to contribute to the success of the sound. A listening recommended for lovers of the most intense sounds, still referring to Rock, guided by the guitar and with a high-level vocal. Congratulations to this band that manages to bring the sounds of the 70s to a high level and with personal cues, making them current, to be taken into consideration also in future releases.


1. Hounds (3:17)
2. Fishman (5:26)
3. Mother (6:08)


Lucy Shevchuk / Vocals, Guitar
Jack Vallance / Guitar
Tomos Cooper / Drums, Vocals
Robert Palmer Fenney / Bass

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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