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The history of Mangala Vallis begins in 1998, in the Italian city of Reggio Emilia. Since then, they have released 4 albums, the latest of which “Voices” released on February 8, 2020 on Ma.ra.cash Records and available on LP, CD and Digital. Containing 7 tracks, the disc continues the musical discourse undertaken in the previous ones, proposing a Neo Prog sound inspired by bands such as Marillion and Spock’s Beard, with a touch of the 70s. The album opens with “The center of life” which begins with a hypnotic synth and a solid modern Prog rhythm and a warm and expressive vocal. The electric and acoustic guitars interchange pleasantly and a carpet of keyboards guides the melodies. A good opener that immediately immerses us in the album’s atmosphere. “No reason” begins with acoustic guitar arpeggios and the warm voice of Roberto Tiranti, is a softer piece with dreamy melodies and backing vocals to support it. The bass creates deep lines, in the second part the intensity increases with vocal and instrumental parts that alternate with precision, and a good guitar and synth solo that are intertwined in the end. “Get it while you can” begins gently with guitar arpeggios and the excellent, very deep vocal, a piano is inserted and the atmosphere becomes more melancholic. The voices stratify and the melodies become more positive, creating an alternation of calm and other more energetic moments with another good guitar solo. The layers of keyboards add a ‘70s touch to the sound with the vocal part offering another great test. “The voice inside” starts with drums, the piano and the voice and after a short intro give life to a more energetic and sometimes more elaborate song. More rhythmic than the previous ones and with the guitar to guide the sound on layers of keyboards and a good organ. A more electronic rhythm characterizes the beginning of “An end to an end” on which piano and voice are inserted. With the entrance of the instruments the song becomes melodic and soft with an excellent keyboard work in the background. Lighter and sung, it takes on the characteristics of the “song,” pleasant and direct. “Demon” begins with distorted guitar and Progressive synth melodies, it is an energetic song and in line with the Neo Prog, recalling the Marillion sounds. It can be safely approach to the tracks of the 80s, with a modern and personal touch, one of the best moments of the album. The “Sour” disc ends with a sweet piano note and a melancholic and passionate vocal. In the second part with the entrance of the instruments it gains intensity, and the guitar draws a good solo in the instrumental section. The singing returns for the last verses and the song closes. A pleasant and smooth record release, in which the vocal is one of the strengths. Warm and expressive it adds quality to the sound, soft and with melodic features it is well-structured and executed. This album offers a harmonious sound, focused mainly on the choral nature of the band, favouring the whole rather than the virtuosity. A recommended listening, with softer and more direct traits, never banal is a good album.


1. The Center of Life (4:45)
2. No Reason (6:47)
3. Get It While You Can (6:19)
4. The Voice Inside (6:05)
5. An End to An End (6:34)
6. Demon (7:21)
7. Sour (4:53)


Roberto Tiranti / Vocals
Gigi Cavalli Cocchi / Drums and Percussion
Mirco Consolini / Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Bass, Backing Vocals
Niky Milazzo / Electric Guitars
Gianfranco Fornaciari / Keyboards, Backing Vocals

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