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Marsyas is an Italian Prog Rock/Metal band founded in 2014, coming from Bergamo. On January 17, 2020, they released their debut album “Emergence,” the word emergency, explains the band, describes the phenomenon that occurs when a group of things put together creates a new thing, which has different properties from both its parts and their sum. You can find examples of emergence in music, language, society, biology and anything that presents features that go beyond the simple merging of its components. A special mention must be made for the cover art, based on a software algorithm that works with a certain set of parameters in combination with random variables. These generated designs are unique for each copy of the disc purchased on Bandcamp and the program was designed by Francesco Luzzana. The album which consists of 8 tracks is available digitally on the main music portals on the web. The opener “Far as far run throughts” begins with repeated guitar arpeggios, a deep bass and a light drum on which a warm and expressive vocal is drawn. Track increases in intensity as the minutes go by, between massive guitar riffs and an excellent rhythmic session with interesting bass lines. The keyboards complete the sound with Prog Metal traits with pleasant melodies and tempo changes. “Wait for the tide” begins with an organ arpeggio and with the entry of the instruments, a piece elaborated with keyboards and guitar that duets come to life. The rhythm accelerates and the melodies are positive, the vowel both sung and spoken enters. In the central instrumental section the atmosphere darkens and is transformed with a melancholic instrumental section that regains power. A soft piano opens “As water,” a bass with deep lines is inserted, with rapid acceleration it becomes an excellent Metal piece. One of the best songs on the album develops between continuous tempo changes and with a strong and melodic vowel at the same time. “When the nights where bright” has features closer to Prog Rock in the first part. While in the central instrumental section it becomes more aggressive with a splendid performance by the musicians. Here, too, the continuous changes enrich its structure and sound, with the various facets of the band merged together, another remarkable track. “No time for an end” begins immediately with power and speed, guitar and keyboards create excellent melodies, then brake and leave room for the vocal. A great sung test, very expressive, to then accelerate again creating a majestic atmosphere with orchestrations in the background. This band has talent and technique and in tracks like this they are enhanced. “Palace of the living” is characterized by a rapid and intricate bass line, but the whole rhythmic session and the melodies are elaborate and changeable. After the first part in the central section a long instrumental that alternates one Jazzy moment to another more Heavy one with always very elaborate characteristics. The double drum-kick speeds up and gives a more Metal touch to the closure, songs like this embellish an already good album. “Mater Mundi” in the first part is perhaps the softest moment on the disc, well elaborated with piano and more Neo Prog rhythms. In the second half the intensity and sound power increase, and the band offers an instrumental section with a good guitar solo. The vocal returns and the calm and the song closes. The final track “The dance of the Archangels” starts with repeated notes and a fast drum rhythm, sharp guitar riffs enter and the song develops. Alternating more symphonic traits with stronger ones, between softer and more tense and aggressive breaks. A long instrumental segment of fine workmanship closes the song and album. An excellent debut for this young Italian band, which showcases quality and technical ideas. Their sound is well-structured and performed, with intricate moments and constant time changes, resulting original and never banal. Lovers of modern Progressive sounds will appreciate this album, where all the features that a listener seeks by purchasing a Prog disc are present.


1. Far As Far Run Thoughts (5:55)
2. Wait For The Tide (8:30)
3. As Water (5:56)
4. When The Nights Were Bright (6:25)
5. No Time For An End (5:59)
6. Palace Of The Living (7:41)
7. Mater Mundi (5:39)
8. The Dance Of The Archangels (8:14)


Lorenzo Pasini / Lead Vocals, Guitar
Francesco Luzzana / Backing Vocals, Bass, Programming
Marco Adobati / Guitar
Paolo Salvi / Keyboard, Synths, Programming
Omar Ghezzi / Drums

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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