[Review] Memorist – ONI​/​/​KIJO

Memorist is an Alternative/Progressive Metal project from South West England that recently signed a record deal with Year Of The Rat Records. For the label recorded the debut EP “ONI//KIJO” out on November 12, 2021 and containing 5 tracks. Some singles of the most representative tracks were extracted from the disc, also proposed on YouTube as official videos between the summer and autumn of 2021. The EP opens with “Oni” which starts with very modern sounds and a dirty and effect-rich vocal, while the music is pompous and closer to Alternative Metal than prog. Distant from the classic sounds of Metal and projected towards the future of the genre, the rhythmic session is an added value thanks to the continuous tempo changes. The melodies at times are enriched with symphonic features, while the structure is heavy and pompous with some electronic sounds, a piece not really Progressive but very much in line with the modern proposal of the Alternative. “The Empiric” in the initial stages has a sound closer to Prog Metal, always with the presence of electronic sounds and an effected but cleaner voice than the previous one. The combination of modern and classic Metal sounds is successful and the tempo changes are once again an added value. For lovers of Prog sounds this song is more suitable. “Slither” is the longest track on the EP and features calmer atmospheres than previous songs with references to 80s music. The vocal is clean and the intensity increases with the passing of the minutes, adding new sounds and turning more and more towards the Alternative Metal. Good drafting of the piece and development of the theme, well played and the often unpredictable passages offer different stylistic solutions to the project. “Second Sequence“, on the other hand, is the shortest and with the most intricate structure of the previous tracks, especially in the drawn and elaborate rhythmic session. Here too the mix between Prog and Alternative favors the second genre, even if it is pleasant and with well developed and executed passages. This work closes with “Kijo” which begins with an atmospheric carpet of sounds, followed by a softer rhythmic session and a warm and expressive vocal. More symphonic openings and harder sections close to Metal alternate, the mix is successful with the vocal that alternates different types of singing adapting itself to the situations of the song, smooth and pleasant even here more Alternative than Prog. An album that has some Prog cues but to a lesser extent, as the predominant genre is Alternative Metal, composed and played at a good level. Softer moments alternate with others decidedly harder with some passages of dirty voice and heavy sounds, clearly very modern Metal stamp. Lovers of Progressive sounds will find this EP a bit difficult, much more pleasant for those who have no genre boundaries and listen to the new proposals of Metal, with an eye to the future of the genre.


1. Oni (3:52)
2. The Empiric (03:51)
3. Slither (04:41)
4. Second Sequence (02:47)
5. Kijo (3:42)

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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