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Michael’s Statement is a Progressive Rock project by German multi-instrumentalist Michael Vuckovac, which avails itself of the collaboration of numerous guests. The new album “Isolation” was released on April 08, 2022 and contains 8 medium-long tracks. The album opens with the dreamy melodies of “Aurora Borealis” with guitar arpeggios and an orchestral background of keyboards, with markedly symphonic sounds. The intensity increases with the passage of the song, entirely instrumental and with fine interweaving of guitar and keyboards. In the following “The Light” guests start adding to the lineup. A track that begins with a markedly Prog imprinting, which manages to combine the classic traits of the genre with a modern and personal touch. The vocal is dynamic and expressive, good mixes between guitar and keyboards, while the rhythm session is solid. In the good instrumental parts the solo inserts, with the keyboards and the guitar as protagonists. “Big Bang” is an epic suite of over 13 minutes, it opens with an intro with symphonic interweaving of orchestrations and an electronic and modern drumming. In keeping with tradition, the track is enriched with tempo changes, elaborate plots and long instrumental sections that enhance the compositional and executive technique of the artists involved. The intensity varies in the various parts of the song, offering an entirely instrumental segment of excellent quality within the disc. The orchestrations and an intense female vocal open “Meine Welt, Deine Welt” characterizing the sound of the entire track, with soft and dreamy features. Only in the finale is the guitar added for a short insert, leaving this piece on delicate sounds, dampening the tones after the long progressive rides of the previous one. The keyboards that mix with the sax melodies and “The Truth In Between” begins, an entirely instrumental passage. Focused on a prolonged saxophone solo, with a solid and linear rhythm session, the track flows pleasantly. In “Human Reality” the singing is back, dynamic and engaging, and the sound is enriched with instrumental parts and continuous tempo changes. combining traits of modern Prog with the personal traits of the band, they give life to a good song, with refined instrumental sections and good solo passages. From the almost Metal-style rhythmic pull, but with a Prgressive Rock sound “Who Is Listening?” it is an original track, which combines traditional symphonic traits with the modern ones of the genre. Energetic and elaborate, it shows a heavier facet of the band’s sound, without losing that refined touch of this project. The album ends with “One Moment Of Silence” an instrumental track with the leading guitar, and inserts of spoken voices. Softer than the previous one, but always very intense and with elaborate textures, it concludes this good record with technique and quality. An excellent album, which continues the musical discourse undertaken by this project, enriched by the presence of guests who increase its value. There are all the features you are looking for in a prog record, including a suite of over 13 minutes, long instrumental textures in all the tracks. A listening recommended for all lovers of Prog sounds, with more korbid and symphonic passages and others more energetic and hard, as in the classic style, with refined compositions and elaborate plots, an album to listen to and listen to again.

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01. Aurora Borealis (4:38)
02. The Light (5:54)
03. Big Bang (13:54)
04. Meine Welt, Deine Welt (6:29)
05. The Truth In Between (4:15)
06. Human Reality (8:13)
07. Who Is Listening? (8:48)
08. One Moment Of Silence (5:21)


Michael Vuckovac / Drums, Bass, Guitars, Keyboards, Percussions (3, 5), Tubular Bells (3), Orchestration (3), Vibraphone (7), Megaphone (8)
Alberto Palacios / Vocals (2, 6), Electric Guitars (6)
Dennies Lachenmajer / Bass Guitar (2, 8)
Thomas Hoss / Piano, Synth, Mellotron, Rhodes (2), Piano, Mellotron and Organ (5)
Mario Andrich / Solo Guitar (2, 8)
Peter H. Boer / Bass Guitar, Bass Pedals and Upright Bass (3)
Kim Neuweiler / Solo Guitar (3)
Peter Jonasson / Slide Guitars and Classical Guitar (3), Guitars (7)
Ellen Welke / Vocals (4)
Phillip Mohr / Saxophone (4)
Thomas Eberhardt / Fretless Bass Guitar (5), Bass Guitar (7)
Manuel Trabucco / Saxophone (5)
Jason (Mr. Fake Zappa) / Vocals, Saxophone, Flutes and Strings (7)
Monika Erol / Vocals (8)

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