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MirkoJymiMusicalProject is a solo project born and developed between Rome, Italy and Salvador De Bahia, Brazil, where the various musical influences of the Italian poly-instrumentalist Mirko Onesti are mixed together giving life to a truly personal sound. On July 30, 2020 “Planets” is released, a self-produced album containing 10 medium-long songs, where the artist develops the most Ambient-Electronic part of his sound, with a spatial theme, as can be understood from the title. “Cybernetics part 1” is the first of the two parts into which the track is divided and immediately immerses us in the atmosphere of the album, starting with atmospheric keyboards and layers of electronic-style synth. The intensity increases with the passing of the minutes, then in the end insert a percussive rhythmic session and melodies closer to Fusion and Prog. A great song with evocative atmospheres and the ability in sampling and in the use of loops by Mirko. “Cybernetics part 2” restarts from the atmospheres that characterized the first part, and then transformed with an excellent change into a song with a more intricate structure and melodies elaborated with Jazzy and Ambient influences of fine workmanship. Very rhythmic in the central part with deep bass lines and excellent phrasing of keyboards, the synth above all. As the title of the song “The Space” makes us travel in deep space with layers of dreamy keyboards to then add both the rhythmic session and a short and intense electric guitar insert in the end. “Galaxies” is characterized by a dark carpet of synths and inserts of cybernetic loops, voices made in the distance on which piano notes are inserted. Here too the sensation of wandering in space is palpable and the master’s ability to manage melodies on multiple instruments is always of a high standard. “Galaxies Reprise” begins with a phrasing between space electric guitar and keyboards, then with a sudden change it turns into a song with a very elaborate structure where the Progressive vein joins the Ambient atmospheres that permeate the album. The time changes between sudden accelerations and solid bass lines, once again showing the artist’s flexibility, who shows himself at ease on all instruments, always with class. The longest song and perhaps also the most elaborate and intricate on the disc , really a high level track. “Gravitational Force” is another long song that begins with dark and hypnotic synths with intricate structures, with guitar inserts and effected voices. An elaborated structure, full of time changes and a performance on all the instruments that showcases really quality ideas and technique, another of the best tracks on the album. “Alien Signals” begins with hypnotic loops of keyboards that intertwine for the duration of the song, a more atmospheric but well-made passage. “Visit Of Aliens” from the melodies mixed to the loops in the first part with dark and dark flavors, up to the entrance of the rhythmic session that leads the song to develop the theme with important synth inserts. More energetic moments alternate with openings closer to Experimental music, at times sophisticated but still smooth and pleasant. “Life On Mars” is a space track with softer and fluctuating features, which in the second part with the entry of the rhythmic session increases in intensity. The very atmospheric melodies give us the impression of finding ourselves in front of living beings on the Red Planet, with positive melodies. This work “Life On Mars Reprise” concludes with voices in the background and in the form of loops, a deep bass and hypnotic melodies on the synth. A worthy conclusion for an elaborate, complex but at the same time accessible album. A work that shows all the compositional and executive technique of the Roman master, mixing all his musical roots and influences. From Prog to electronics, through Fusion moments and environmental atmospheres that permeate the disc, cosmic music features all with a personal and never repetitive style. A recommended album, to be listened to and listened to in order to always catch new ideas and passages hidden in the maze of the countless keyboards and instruments played by Mirko, with excellent technique, really an excellent record release, original and full of ideas.


  1. Cybernetics part 1
  2. Cybernetics part 2
  3. The Space
  4. Galaxies
  5. Galaxies Reprise
  6. Gravitational Force
  7. Alien Signals
  8. Visit Of Aliens
  9. Life On Mars
  10. Life On Mars Reprise


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