[Review] Knei – III

Knei are a Psychedelic Rock trio originally from Argentina and active on the record market since 2011, having published 3 Full-length. Their latest record release entitled “III” is dated June 2019, while in 2020 it was reissued on vinyl in a limited edition with a circulation of 300 copies, in addition to the Digital version by the South American Necio Records. The album consists of 7 medium-length songs for a total of just over 31 minutes, in which the band confirms and improves what has been heard in previous productions. The opener “Vieja mujer” begins with a Rocky guitar riff and a mid-tempo rhythmic session with elaborate and ever-changing drum parts on which a late ’60s-style vocal is inserted. A track that immediately plunges into the Psychedelic atmospheres characteristic of the Argentina band’s sound. “Balada para una amiga” is characterized by a simpler structure with a slower tempo and softer melodies and a sweeter vocal, with interesting piano and violin inserts. Halfway through the song, an acceleration and an increase in intensity with the guitar always in the foreground with pleasant violin weaves, to then return to the calm of the initial theme and with the last vocal verse close. With massive guitar riffs, “Mensaje eterno,” begins, the rhythm session is powerful and with a very rhythmic drum on the drums and supporting bass lines. A song with hypnotic and repeated melodies, lively and danceable. “Jardín” begins with acoustic guitar and a deep bass and then with a sudden change to give life to a theme made of intertwining between acoustic and electric guitar and a solid drum. The tempo changes are constant and the vocal soft and melodic, a slower but very pleasant song where in the end a psychedelic electric guitar takes the stage. “Caso perdido” kicks off with an impressive bass line and very rock’n’roll riff, on which the guitar dominates at times with darker melodies in others with well-made solo inserts. Here too the theme is developed on different tempo changes, it is a pity that the vocal in my humble opinion is not very incisive compared to the rest of the song. “Nuvem Leopardo” is another track built on a mid-tempo with a very incisive bass and pleasant violin inserts. With a less elaborate structure than other songs, it is still pleasant and smooth. “¿Qué esta bien y qué esta mal?” it has another good, very rock structure, the work of the guitar takes us back to the golden years of rock music, while the continuous and sudden changes in tempo take the sound to another level. A well-made album that follows the sounds of the late 60s and early 70s with a more modern and personal touch. The guitar is the predominant instrument, the rhythmic session solid and full of tempo changes with load-bearing bass lines. The only slight flaw, in my humble opinion, is the vocal part not always as incisive as the music. Necio Records as always proves careful in publishing well-made albums and modern groups prepared musically and pleasant to listen to.


Side A:

01. Vieja mujer
02. Balada para una amiga
03. Mensaje eterno
04. Jardín

Side B:

05. Caso perdido
06. Nuvem Leopardo
07. ¿Qué esta bien y qué esta mal? 


Roberto Figueroa / Drum and Percussions
Mauro Lopez / Bass
Nicolás Lippoli / Guitars and Vocals

Gonzalo Bedacarratz / Hammond and Piano
Luis Balcarce / Lapsteel on “Jardin” 

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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