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Moozoonsii is a band from Nantes, France that offers Instrumental Progressive Rock/Metal with many sonic nuances. With the entry of new bassist Fabien Hervé they released “Inward” on April 28, 2022 and containing 6 tracks ranging from 3:29 to over 8 minutes in length. This album is the first of two parts of the “Inward/Outward” duology and is set in the jungle, exploring a mangrove and encountering dangerous animals and plants. The album opens with the tribal intro of “Mangrove” characterized by a rhythmic session with percussion, solid drumming and deep bass lines on which the guitar is inserted with elaborate textures. A track that combines the Prog Metal traits of the band, an exotic touch, with the intensity that increases with the passing of the minutes. Full of tempo changes and interesting phrasing between the three instrumentalists, with technical passages and a winning mix of Prog Metal and Rock, with a Jam session attitude. Heavy guitar riffs and monlotic drumming open “Beelzebufo” with deep bass lines that give body to the song. Focused on tempo changes and elaborate guitar phrasing with other instruments, it contains technique and power. Enriched with tempo changes, with a constant and always very high intensity, it enhances the overall sound of the band and the understanding between its members. “Wudùm” is the shortest track on the album, creating an atmosphere with a more tribal rhythm, a repeated and hypnotic arpeggio, creating a crescendo sound that combines Prog Metal and Psychedelia traits. Percussion and an intricate interweaving of guitar and bass open “Sylaps” from the solid rhythm session full of tempo changes. The bass lines are elaborate and from the Funky setting, the guitar offers technical solo inserts, with the drumming that adds power to a song that in the central part returns to a more Metal sound. Original and full of ideas, a virtuous but engaging passage. “Titanoboa” features heavy riffs and a granite rhythmic session, with a more Metal sound with forays into Groove, always with a progressive matrix. Creating a darker atmosphere, it shows another facet of the band’s sound, always without losing the technical component and quality. The album ends with “Venom” which is tighter and closer to classic Heavy Metal, combining the traditional sounds with the personal traits of the band. Between tempo changes, elaborate phrasing and sophisticated plots, the first part of the journey ends here, leaving us with the desire to listen to the final part of this work. A band with clear ideas, which enhances the technique of the musicians involved with elaborate plots, proposing a sound with personal characteristics. With long instrumental pieces that allow you to better develop the themes and allow time changes and quality solos, combining technique and Heavy sounds in a technical and refined mix. A listening recommended for lovers of the instrumental sounds of Progressive Metal, which manages to combine multiple genres and styles through their own personal characteristics.


01. Mangrove (07:28)
02. Beelzebufo (05:27)
03. Wudùm (03:29)
04. Sylaps (03:46)
05. Titanoboa (08:06)
06. Venom (05:14)


Basile Chiariello / Guitar
Fabien Hervé / Bass
Matthieu Bellemere / Drums, percussions

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

18 joji vocals only

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