[Review] Noorvik – Hamartia

Noorvik is a German band that offers Instrumental sounds related to Progressive and Post-Rock. The new album “Hamartia” was released on April 22, 2022 via Tonzonen Records and contains 8 tracks for over 70 minutes of music. The opening track “Tantalos” moves slowly, with good guitar textures and dilated and enveloping sounds, to increase the intensity as the minutes pass. A musical crescendo with accelerated and massive guitar riffs, the rhythm session is solid with driving bass lines. A sliding track, where more Rock and other more Metal passages linked to Post / Progressive sounds alternate. the following “Hybris” shows a more delicate side of the band’s sound in the first part, with an intertwining of melodic guitar arpeggios. around 2 minutes of music the intensity begins to increase and the guitar offers an interesting solo cue, and then with a change it trespasses into a heavier territory. Powerful drumming gives character to the song with the guitar free to develop intense melodies and lead textures. in the central part the band unleashes all its power with Post-Metal and Prog sounds that intertwine and guide us to the finale. “Omonoia” is an interlude with dilated sounds characterized by a hypnotic guitar arpeggio. By connecting to the previous “Ambrosia” the arpeggio evolves, and then around 1 minute insert the drumming and develop a track with a musical crescendo that touches all the boundaries of the band’s sound. A killer bass-line and intertwines with the granite riffs of the guitar, while the drumming develops with continuous changes of tempo and accelerated with elaborate and refined fills. the sounds are darker in this piece, which returns to softer sounds in the central part, and then closes by increasing the intensity and with a good electric guitar solo. “The Feast” is an epic track lasting over 15 minutes, within which the band sweeps and manages to summarize all the distinctive features of their sound. We go from softer moments to harder openings where the dark and heavy guitar riffs stand out, the rhythm session is constantly evolving as well as the track. The guitar works well and offers refined and successful solo inserts, while the overall track is pleasant and the timing well exploited to develop the theme of the piece. “Aeon” is a softer track, with dilated sounds and a rhythm that moves slowly with the guitar in the center of the scene, layering pleasantly. An enveloping passage that shows a more delicate aspect of the band’s sound, refined and pleasant. The sounds are once again more Heavy in “Atreides” characterized by granite guitar riffs and a solid and powerful rhythm. The guitar weaves capture the listener’s attention, who is overwhelmed by the power of the drum and the musical crescendo that the band manages to create, a refined Post-Metal with quality ideas. The album closes with another long track “Tartaros” that exceeds 12 minutes, which features a softer first part with guitar arpeggios. At 4 minutes the band returns to the more Metal sounds that characterize their sound, enriching the song with tempo changes and excellent guitar works, creating a darker atmosphere in the second part. The track and the album close with a musical crescendo given by the guitar textures and a powerful rhythmic session. An album that mixes Post-Rock and Metal sounds with Prog cues, full of tempo changes and refined guitar textures. A winning blend of Heavy strokes and softer passages, showing how the band is one of the most interesting of today’s Post instrumental genre. A recommended listening and a listening full of well-developed ideas, enhancing the technique of the band’s artists, congratulations also to the label always careful in enhancing quality artists.


01. Tantalos (06:54)
02. Hybris (09:01)
03. Omonoia (02:55)
04. Ambrosia (09:59)
05. The Feast (15:42)
06. Aeon (04:30)
07. Atreides (07:33)
08. Tartaros (12:11)

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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