[Review] Cherry Lake – On The Shallow

Cherry Lake is a young band originally from Ukraine that offers Heavy Rock sounds with Dirty Blues influences composed of 4 elements and a female voice. their debut EP “On The Shallow” was released on March 20, 2022 and contains 6 tracks ranging from 2 to over 4 minutes in length. The album opens with the shorter track “In-shore” which begins with a powerful drummign and a hypnotic bass line to which is added a dirty guitar with solid riffs. Entirely instrumental it is a short piece but full of energy that immediately plunges us into the sound of the disc. The following “Faraway Dreaming” features good distorted guitar textures, a solid rhythm session with deep bass lines and Aleksandra’s dynamic and expressive vocals. A song that brings to mind the tradition of the genre with intensity and a granite and engaging sound. “Stop The Panic” is another short-lived track that follows the sound of the opener with a powerful rhythmic session and a vocal that is an added value for the sound. Good dirty guitar textures and tempo changes and the song is fresh and modern. The band continues with another energetic and engaging song “Split Mind” which re-enhances the vocal and the sound is solid with powerful drumming. The retro sounds mix with the personal traits of the band, making us move and unleash the rhythm of this pleasant composition. “Five Locks And a Knife” features a heavier facet of the band’s sound, with massive guitar riffs and a solid, elaborate rhythm session. The singing is an added value, showing all the potential and the vocal range of the singer, while the guitar and bass duet at their best. The album ends with “Longing For The Sky” characterized by a Psychefdelic intro that evolves into the more energetic sounds of the band increasing the intensity with the passing of the minutes. The most acidic track of the disc, which alternates slower and accelerated passages, showing good ideas and both compositional and executive technique, bringing to mind the sounds of the late 60s. A good debut for this band that offers Heavy Rock sounds that blend with Dirty Blues, creating energetic and engaging tracks. the guitar textures are good and the rhythm session is solid and gives body to the songs, while the vocal is an added value for the dynamic and expressive sound of the band. A recommended listening for lovers of the dirtiest sounds of Rock with references to the music of the late 60s and the personal touch of the band that come together to create a pleasant album.


01. In-shore (02:11)
02. Faraway Dreaming (04:15)
03. Stop The Panic (02:37)
04. Split Mind (03:00)
05. Five Locks And a Knife (03:42)
06. Longing For The Sky (04:44)


Aleksandra Bereza / Vocals
Maksym Shcherbakov / Guitar
Anton Kulibaba / Bass
Igor Rubakha / Drums

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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