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ProAge are a Polish Neo-Prog band formed in 1985, dissolved in 1990 and returned to activity in 2008. The album released by the band in 2021 had particularly impressed me thanks to their solid sound, intense and full of refined ideas. The new album “Coelum” was released on April 02, 2022 via Prog Metal Rock Promotion and contains 8 medium length tracks, except the last one of 10 minutes. The acoustic guitar opens “Odium” the first track of the album, with dreamy features with pleasant keyboard inserts and a dynamic vocal. A soft track with melodic features, which at the end leaves room for a solo section with the sax in evidence. Piano and sax with an engaging rhythmic session open “Incestus” with deep and bearing bass lines. A more elaborate track with more space for the instrumental part, enriched by continuous tempo changes and intricate plots. In the instrumental parts the sax takes the stage with intense solo inserts, leaving room for the acoustic guitar in the finale. A piece with refined sounds that gives the right space to all the instruments. “Lilith” is characterized by a more delicate rhythm and dilated sonorities with solo and choral vocal parts that intertwine, creating a dreamy and markedly symphonic atmosphere. Good mixes between the keyboards and the guitar, while the sax with its inserts takes the sound to another level. The shorter track of the album “Superbia” mixes Jazzy traits with Prog and Pop with a remarkable increase in intensity in the final ending in crescendo with a short sax solo. The sax guides the melodies of “Sine sodo doloris” from the solid rhythmic session and the slow pressing on which an intense vocal is inserted. In the finale the intensity increases, the rhythm accelerates and the sax offers a valuable solo insert, the vocal returns and closes. More energetic and accelerated in the rhythm, “Piger” presents a fine blend of keyboards, sax and acoustic guitar on which a dynamic vocal draws the lyrics. Enriched with tempo changes and the intensity that increases with the passing of the minutes, it is a modern and original song that mixes various genres and styles, enhancing the band’s technique. “Nihil” is an energetic track with a darker atmosphere with a pressing acoustic guitar and a powerful rhythm. The more symphonic openings with keyboards and sax as protagonists enrich the piece, which at the end offers a refined instrumental section with Jazzy features with the piano in evidence. The album ends with the longest track “Nebula” which exceeds 10 minutes, from the Jazz Prog traits and the sax to guide the melodies. The vocal is warm and expressive and the rhythm is solid with the piano giving body to the piece, and duets with the sax in the solo parts. Enriched by continuous changes of intensity and tempo, this song shows the more Jazz and sophisticated side of the band, able to always propose a new, original and fresh sound. A band that always surprises me positively, offering albums with refined and intense and original sounds. Unlike the previous one, in this work the sounds are more delicate and intricate and permeated with Jazz, with intense vocal parts and instrumental textures of exquisite workmanship. A recommended listening, full of original ideas that enhance both the compositional and executive technique of the band in a different guise from the past but always of a high level.


01. Odium (4:37)
02. Incestus (5:05)
03. Lilith (3:40)
04. Superbia (2:48)
05. Sine sodo doloris (2:57)
06. Piger (4:06)
07. Nihil (4:33)
08. Nebula (10:12)


Sławomir Jelonek / Guitars, Vocals
Roman Simiński / Bass
Krzysztof Walczyk / Piano
Bogdan Mikrut / Drums & Percussion
Mariusz Filosek / Vocals
Mariusz Rutka / Saxophone, Percussion

Swing Sisters (Izabela Grzyb, Alicja Kulik, Anna Nocoń)
/ Choir

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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