[Review] Adventure – Tales of Belle, Part 1 – Across The Ocean

Adventure is a Norwegian band that mixes Hard Rock, Progressive and Folk, which has released 5 albums. The new “Tales of Belle, Part 1 – Across the Ocean” is an 11-track concept that tells the story of one of the first female serial killer who emigrated to America. The album was released on April 22, 2022 via Apollon Records and is the first part of Belle’s story, in which she sets out to sea and begins her long trail of blood. The opener “Hell’s Belle …” is an intertwining of hard guitar riffs and keyboards that give life to a massive sound with Heavy Prog features with a sometimes dark atmosphere. the solo plots in the instrumental section in the second part of the piece are interesting, with the singing, however, which leaves little room for instrumental developments. The following “The Journey Begins” is a short track with melancholic atmospheres mainly focused on keyboards, intense and at times pompous. “Too Far” opens with a fine mix of heavy guitar and organ riffs and a solid rhythm session. The vocal is warm and expressive and the piece increases in intensity as the minutes pass. In the first part the atmospheres are melancholic, while with a change in the central part the band touches a more Heavy genre. The tempo changes and the passages from Prog Rock to Hard Rock are interesting and refined. An intertwining of piano and synth opens “Come Join Me …” a song full of pathos and with more Prog features mixed with Folk, with an excellent vocal proof. Involving the choral parts, while the sound increases in intensity and evolves into a Heavy prog with Jazzy features in the second part. The singing and the initial theme return and then close. A pleasant intertwining of solo guitar and piano with dreamy atmospheres begins “Dreams” on which a very warm and expressive female voice stands out. Softer and more delicate in the first part, in the central instrumental section it becomes heavier with fine workmanship and 70s-style keyboard inserts. Enriched by continuous changes of tempo and intensity passing from the most classic Prog to Heavy and forays into Folk, it is very engaging. The organ is at the center of the melodies of “Haunted Wedding” another short passage of 2 minutes, with the addition of background orchestrations and a retro touch. A Hammond Heavy that intertwines on the piano opens “Courting – First Marriage” where the band releases all its energy with a solid and elaborate rhythmic session and refined textures. A solid track with the return of the male vocal, always warm and expressive and interesting tempo changes in Prog style with a touch of Nordic Folk, the essence of the band’s sound. “Rumors Say” is a song more inspired by folk sounds with an engaging rhythmic session and interchanges between male and female vocals. The guitar and the keyboards give body to the melodies, which develop with heavier rats in the second part, reaching a very high artistic level. Heavy and gloomy guitar riffs characterize the intro of “Voices …” which develops with the input of keyboards and a solid powerful rhythm session. The first part is decidedly darker and with almost Doom hints, to then change and accelerate in the central part developing an interesting instrumental section. The female vocal dominates the second part, which ends with an intense guitar solo in the finale. “The Last Goodbye” opens with keyboards and flute with dreamy features and intertwining the male and female singing. A melancholic track with a delicate rhythm, which shows a softer side of the band’s sound, with very intense interweaving of keyboards and guitar. The album ends with “Crossing” a short track focused on keyboards and orchestrations that concludes the listening, leaving us the doors open for the second part. Another good album in the discography of this band that manages to mix the most Heavy features of Prog with a Folk touch and the classic Nordic atmosphere. Intense and expressive vocals, refined and successful guitar and keyboard imopasti and a solid rhythmic session enriched by tempo changes make this record very enjoyable. A listening recommended for lovers of the more Heavy sounds of Prog, where there is no shortage of forays into Folk and traditional Prog, a good album from start to finish.

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01. Hell’s Belle… (5:06)
02. The Journey Begins (1:55)
03. Too Far (4:24)
04. Come Join Me… (5:11)
05. Dreams (4:26)
06. Haunted Wedding (2:19)
07. Courting – First Marriage (5:14)
08. Rumours Say (3:18)
09. Voices… (4:52)
10. The Last Goodbye (3:55)
11. Crossing (1:36)


Kjell Myran / Vocals
Elen Cath Hopen / Vocals, Piano, Flutes
Terje Flessen / Guitars
Odd-Roar Bakken / Hammond Organ, Synthesizers
Terje Craig / Vocals, Basses, Synthesizers
Alf Helge Lund / Drums & Percussion

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