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Pure Reason Revolution is an English Progressive Rock band formed in the early 2000s and then separated in 2011 and reformed in recent times. They released 5 studio albums in the two periods of activity, and the new “Above Cirrus” was released on May 06, 2022 via InsideOut Music and contains 7 tracks between 3 and 10 minutes. The opening track “Our Prism” is also the shortest in duration, featuring a massive rhythm session and rock-hard guitar riffs. The vocal parts are good, intertwining the male and female singing, an energetic and impactful intro. Softer than the previous “New Kind of Evil” brings back the sounds of the band from the early 2000s to the present day, revisiting them with a more current touch. Good guitar textures and rhythm session with often odd tempos, as well as keyboard inserts and intense vocals. The intensity increases in the final, with an instrumental section that rites on the heavier sounds as in the previous track. With an electronic touch “Phantoms” presents an energetic and engaging sound, which in some changes becomes harder with distorted guitar riffs. A mix between 90s sounds of more electronic groups and the personal traits of the band, a song not really Prog but still interesting. “Cruel Deliverance” is characterized by an atmosphere halfway between dark and melancholy, which develops slowly with dilated and enveloping sounds. The singing intertwines as in the previous male and female voices, while the guitar works at the beginning of the second part take the stage with a good solo. With the return of the vocal the track closes in a musical crescendo. The longest track on the album “Scream Sideways” which opens with a 2 minute intro that transforms with the entry of a solid rhythm session and a Floydian guitar. Interesting the vocal in the background and the constant increase in intensity, with the guitars becoming heavier and heavier, while the rhythm session continues its ride. Enriched by tempo changes, he manages to mix multiple genres and styles, inserting electronic parts, hard guitar riffs and combining high quality ideas, in my opinion the best track so far. Piano notes and layering voices open “Dead Butterfly,” and then evolve to Heavy Prog sounds with massive guitar riffs and a solid rhythm session. The vocal part of the verses is sung on a sound with a more electronic imprinting, to then return in the choruses and instrumental sections to harder sounds than Prog. The effects and modulations add a particular and modern touch to the sound, and the alternation of these very different genres is a successful experiment. Piano and a warm, expressive vocal open “Lucid,” which is the final track on the album. A track with a modern sound, which combines the Prog traits of today with a personal touch of the band with Alternative passages. Intense and constantly evolving, with a solid sound and good vocal intertwining, a positive feature of this record, pleasantly concluding this listening. A fresh and modern album, which brings the sound of the band back to being incisive and well constructed as in the early records. Tracks that combine Prog Rock and electronic passages with intertwined male and female voices, with some forays into the heavier sounds. A listening recommended for lovers of the most modern Prog, contaminated by a style that is sometimes electronic, which I found rich in ideas and original.

Decibel Peak // The Uprising (feat....


01. Our Prism (3:34)
02. New Kind of Evil (8:32)
03. Phantoms (3:51)
04. Cruel Deliverance (5:56)
05. Scream Sideways (10:10)
06. Dead Butterfly (7:09)
07. Lucid (6:49)


Jon Courtney / Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards
Chloë Alper / Vocals, Bass, Keyboards
Greg Jong / Vocals, Guitars

Geoff Dugmore
/ Drums

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